Getting Lost: “The Little Prince” Review

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Thankfully, despite the episode being titled, “The Little Prince,” it had nothing to do with the child of Michael Jackson.

After its fair dose of “Whoa!” moments (said with our best Keanu Reeves impersonation) in the first few episodes, the Lost writers took a step back and let us breathe a little this week. However, that’s not to say that we didn’t have any revelations this week.

And there are always going to be more questions than answers.

To the recap!

johnnysweeptheleg’s Lost in a Moment:

When I was a kid, it was all about getting Hypercolor shirts. On the island, it’s about getting nosebleeds. Everybody’s doin’ it! Charlotte’s nosebleeds have gotten exponentially worse, to the point of passing out for hours. Evidently, Lindsay Lohan also did lots of time traveling for a while there.

Locke has resumed leadership of The Islanders, and decided that a trip back to the Orchid is in order since that’s where it all began. But the Orchid is a far hike, and with all of the time shifting, a dangerous one at that. Sawyer and Locke do all they can not to bump into their former selves. Like us, they all saw Back To The Future and believe Doc Brown when he said it could cause problems with the Space-Time Continuum. Instead, Sawyer continues his season of angst, and nearly breaks down after seeing Kate assisting Claire with the birth of Aaron. Before he can attempt to reach out to her and flirt with paradoxing, another time shift occurs.

This isn’t helping Miles, who has jumped on the nosebleed bandwagon. Faraday theorizes that the nosebleeds are directly correlated to the amount of time spent on the island. It seems like Miles has been here more often than he remembers, since even Juliet hasn’t gotten any nosebleeds, yet.

The Islanders finally get back to the beach, but instead of finding Frankie Avalon or Annette Funicello, they find two vacant outriggers and a bottle of Ajira bottled water. Ajira, we learn from Juliet, is an airline out of India, which flies everywhere. Is Ajira the Biggie to Oceanic’s Tupac? Add it to the pile of “new questions.” They steal one of the outriggers in order to save time on the trip back to the Orchid. Plus, paddling by boat is the green alternative to hot-wiring the old van. Suddenly, bullets begin to fly, and The Islanders realize the other outrigger is hot on their tail. Who are these unseen assailants? Are they the ones who used Ajira? Could flashy light have taken them into the future, and it’s the Oceanic 6 after them? Another time shift saves The Islanders.

Now washed up on shore, Sawyer tells Juliet he was close enough to touch Kate, a couple of light flashes ago. The sexual tension between Sawyer and Juliet slowly mounts. Evidently, every time a guy falls for Kate, Juliet falls for that guy. Dr. Freud von Sweeptheleg thinks that subconsciously, Juliet has a thing for Kate, which manifests in her love of men who love Kate. But, being the other woman is the least of Juliet’s problems, as suddenly, she catches a case of the nosebleeds. Looks like The Islanders need the Oceanic 6 back more than ever.

Speaking of, clock is ticking in present time off the island. Ben knows he has less than 70 hours to reassemble the band. And there are enough hits out on Sayid for me to expect to hear “Don’t Stop Believing” come on, with a jump cut to black.

This time, a male nurse attacks Sayid in the hospital. But Sayid is too quick for the mail nursassin, and pops him with his own tranq gun. Sayid and Jack find Kate’s address in the zonked man’s pocket. But Kate isn’t home. She’s left Aaron with Sun, who is now babysitting to make extra money. Oh, and has received still photos of Ben and Jack, along with a box of chocolates, from a secret admirer. She throws away the chocolates, but keeps the gun that came with them.

Jack joins Kate, who tells him someone is trying to take Aaron from her. They follow the lawyer that has been pestering her, and finds he is visiting Claire’s mom. Like everything, Jack thinks he can fix it. But when he talks to Claire’s mom, he finds out she has no clue who Aaron is, and is merely in town to collect her settlement money from Oceanic.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out who is really behind everything. Even off the island, Ben is the puppet master. Jack leads Kate to the marina, and surprises her with Ben and Sayid. Kate, like us, has put two and two together, and figured out that Ben has been the mystery “client,” and he fesses up.

Sun pulls up, with Aaron, and sees Sayid, Jack, and Kate standing with her sworn enemy. Sun, like Janie, has got a gun, and seemingly isn’t afraid to use it. Little does Sun know, however, that Jin is … dun dun dun … still alive! He’s been clinging to wreckage and time shifting with the rest of The Islanders, and is discovered by a crew of French people. ‘Ya know who was French, don’t you? Yup, a young and pregnant Rousseau is responsible for the rescue of Jin.

Shoot. Now I just got a bloody nose.

Questions Answered:

Who is the “client” attempting to take Aaron away from Kate? As expected, it’s Ben. This appears to be his way of pushing Kate and giving her a reason to flee back to the island.

Is Jin dead? Jin’s alive! After clinging to wreckage, he is rescued by … Rousseau!

New Questions To Be Asked:

What is Ajira Airlines’ connection to the island?

Who was in the outrigger, shooting at The Islanders?

Is Faraday’s theory of the correlation between the nosebleeds and time spent on island true?

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