Scrubs: My ABC’s & My Cookie Pants

Posted by SH

Can anyone tell me what happened during the first episode last night? ‘Cause after I saw Oscar the Grouch pop out of Janitor’s cart, I lost track. Until I saw Grover. Then Elmo. And some other Muppet that sorta looked like Zoe and Telly’s illegitimate child. Seriously, any help?

OK, I did manage to follow along somewhat. But it was a bit jarring to see J.D. acting as if he’s never met Denise before. The new intern’s sour demeanor, which belies her ability to look “rockin’ when I’m naked,” is pretty old news. In fact, an episode a couple weeks back kinda hinged on it. But he takes her under his wing and tries to teach her compassion for patients. You know, like not calling a wife selfish for wanting to use a breathing machine to keep her husband alive after he’s stricken with lung cancer. The Muppets come in during some fantasy sequences, with Oscar teaming up with Janitor to threaten J.D., Grover getting flung down the hallway after a “Grover Five” from The Todd, and Elmo cozying up to Denise, asking J.D. “What, is she your woman?”

Elliott tries to help her intern, Katie, break into the boys club that is surgery and get a spot helping Turk with a paper. Turk relents, but lets Elliott know that Katie is playing her, pretending to be a lot less confident than she is. Cox is wondering why he hates the apparently ingratiating Ed. Conclusion: Ed’s lazy. Talented, but lazy.

In “My Cookie Pants,” J.D. and Elliott decide to re-reconsummate their relationship, but Elliott gets uptight thinking how she can provide some great romantic fantasy. Especially after pigging out on homemade chocolate chip cookies — a dozen for me, a dozen for you — and lounging around all day in her elastic-waist “cookie pants.” J.D. lays down the law with Denise, but is humbled when a hunch she had to order a test for a patient turned out to be the right call. When he apologizes, Denise pummels him for not being the strong teacher she needs. She loves the nuts-and-bolts of medicine, but hates the touchy-feely stuff. J.D. tells her every doctor has flaws; his is being too wrapped up in his patients.

When he gets home, however, he’s welcomed by a still cookie-pants-clad Elliott, who takes Turk’s advice to just let the drama that ruined their previous attempts at a relationship slide and focus on being themselves.

Cox, meanwhile, is in line to become the new chief of medicine until Kelso — still chugging those free Coffee Bucks muffins — tells him about the bad side of the job. All bureaucracy, no time for patients or respect from peers. Cox wavers until Jordan threatens Kelso into talking him back into it. They share a funny moment of latent animal attraction to one another before Bob goes off to bring Cox back to his senses.

It’ll be fun to see Cox be The Man, and how everyone else will react. The interns are shaping up nicely, getting past the broad strokes used to introduce them. And J.D. and Elliott has nicely become part of the show and not overwhelming everything else.