Getting Lost: “Jughead” Preview

Last season, we took the episode title “The Other Woman” as a license to make Ray Parker Jr. references at every opportunity. Now the Lost writers have tempted us again, naming the third episode of Season 5 “Jughead.” As much as we love the idea of someone running around the island in a gray crown beanie (someone who shares a surname with Jughead, perhaps?), we’ll try to leave the Archies out of our recap this week.

Here are the unanswered questions heading into this week’s episode, “Jughead”:

What happens in 70 hours?

What is Ms. Hawking’s relationship to the island?

Why does Richard tell Locke he has to die to get the Oceanic 6 back to the island?

Why didn’t Richard and the other Others move through time when Locke did?

How is Desmond “uniquely and miraculously special,” according to Faraday?

Who hired the lawyers to determine Kate’s relationship to Aaron?

Who employs the soldiers who attacked Sawyer and Juliet?

Who is the woman in the butcher shop?

Jeremy Bentham is dead. Is John Locke?

Is Jin really dead?

Is Claire dead? If not, how is she communicating with Kate off the island?

Who (or what) is Jacob?

Why doesn’t Claire want Aaron to go back to the island?

What does Christian Shephard want from Jack and Claire?

According to the Oceanic 6’s story, who is Aaron’s “father”?

Why doesn’t Jack want to see Aaron off the island?

What did Kate promise to do for Sawyer once off the island?

Why was Locke chosen by the island?

What exactly is Richard Alpert’s role in the Ben vs. Widmore battle?

What exactly are “the rules”?

Why can’t Ben kill Widmore?

Why is Widmore confident that Ben can’t find Penny?

When and how did the island belong to Widmore, and how did Ben take it from him?

Who really put the fake Oceanic 815 at the bottom of the ocean?

What happened to Annie?

What’s in that Black Rock journal, and why does Charles Widmore want it so badly?

Who are the people on Ben’s list, and why are they on it?

In her flashback, Charlotte finds the Hydra symbol and the remains of a polar bear wearing a collar in Tunisia. Um, what’s up with that?

When, how and why was Charlotte previously on the island?

Why did Seth Norris pilot Oceanic 815 instead of Frank?

Check back on Thursday for a recap of this week’s episode.