24 Day 7, Hour 6 – Keep your enemies close enough to strangle

Lesson Learned: When you drug someone, don’t spare the pharmaceuticals.

In the real world … oh, heck, this isn’t the real world, not even close, so old Henry Taylor can somehow recover from the paralyzing drug his turncoat secret servant agent stuck into him, wrap his fists around the man’s neck, push him over the railing and land in such a way that the agent dies and he doesn’t. Talk about luck but then, as the old saying goes, best-laid plans can be undone by a measly drug budget. Sadly, Henry didn’t ever get a clue what the plot that led to his son’s murder was about so when he is found, he won’t have much to tell. He’ll be a distraction, not an asset.

Sadly Sam, after what seemed like the longest walk from the car that left her in front of her apartment building to her own space in it (did anyone else expect her to arrive with a police escort?), didn’t survive to see another hour.

And what an hour it was! First there was Janis lamenting that dealing with the NSA meant having to cope with all that “cloak and dagger nonsense.” Hopefully, she will be teamed with Chloe by the end of this day and learn how to bypass all those pesky little legal safeguards. There’s Agent Moss, clearly in love with Renee, trying to keep his cool when he thinks she might be dead. And there’s Renee herself, covered with plastic and dirt, a goner until the big-and-very-blue van shows up bringing Chloe and Bill to her rescue. When this day is over, if the blue van survives, perhaps it can make an appearance on Lost. It looks like something that might show up in the jungle where it will be just as incongruous as it is in Washington, D.C. Maybe that’s the point – no one would suspect anyone inside a vehicle of that brilliant a color being up to anything even remotely covert. But, once the chase scenes begin – and there are ALWAYS chase scenes – we won’t have trouble picking it out.

This was a set-up episode. Jack and Tony shoot Emerson, then Jack convinces Matobo and his wife Alama to work with them to bring down Dubaku, Renee met Bill and Chloe, and learned of the plot but what she will do about what she’s learned is still a mystery. I’m betting that when this day is over, she’ll be working for a reinstated CTU.

And Pres. Taylor, America’s starry-eyed idealist and single-term president, and Dubaku, the vicious pragmatist, continue their lethal game of chicken. Unfortunately, for the moment at least, Dubaku is in a Hummer while Taylor is riding a Vespa. Even so, Taylor recalls her oath that “the U.S. will be a force for good in this world,” when addressing her cabinet, says she is sticking to that belief and refuses to negotiate with terrorists even after Dubaku sends two planes crashing into each other above Washington. “I think this president is not stubborn, she’s insane,” Dubaku says (Has anyone notice how much like Darth Vader he sounds?). He begins planning an even bigger strike, one that looks like it will claim more American lives in just one hour.