How I Met Your Mother: “Three Days of Snow” Recap

[We are sorry we didn’t recap last week’s episode. As an apology, here’s Neil Patrick Harris’ monologue from Saturday Night Live. And say hi to the cast of How I Met Your Mother for me.]

Synopsis: Over the years, Marshall and Lily have kept up with a number of traditions, from the always popular kissing on New Year’s Eve to lunchtime phone calls. One of their more elaborate habits is that whenever one of them comes home from a trip, they bring back a six-pack of local beer for the other, who is there to greet them at the airport with a goofy chauffeur sign. Well, at the start of this episode, Lily is in Seattle, and both she and Marshall have decided they are too mature (that’s pronounced ma-toor) to continue the tradition. Both end up changing their minds, of course, and Marshall (with Robin’s help) races to the airport to meet Lily, who (with an assist from Ranjit) has picked up a keg of Seattle’s finest brew. The only problem is, Marshall arrives on Tuesday because he doesn’t get Lily’s message that her flight has been delayed until Thursday.

Meanwhile, Barney and Ted are on a mission of a different sort: to score with two hot girls who are in a band. In order to do so, they have to convince the bartender at MacLaren’s to give them the keys and let them keep the bar open during the a snowstorm that has left the place completely desolate. After a Cocktail-inspired montage, in which the guys live out their joint dream of owning a bar called Puzzles (Why Puzzles? That’s the puzzle!), the girls arrive with their band — the Arizona Tech Fighting Hens Marching Band. McLaren’s is suddenly packed and the dream of owning a bar becomes a frightening reality. The guys decide to take the party back to Ted’s apartment, where Marshall meets the band. This is important because …

Recommitted to keeping his traditions with Lily alive, Marshall shows up at the airport on the correct day — with the Arizona Tech marching band in tow, to play “Auld Lang Syne” — to re-create the New Year’s Eve he and Lily slept through, and to keep their airport streak intact.

What We Liked:

– The local beers: Fort Lager Dale, Minne Cider and Aspen Yards Ale (even if, like Marshall and Lily, we don’t really get the last one.)

– “Check and mate.” — Barney, confident that he has sealed the deal with the girls from Arizona Tech. Bonus points are awarded for accentuating the last word with pelvic thrusts.

– Serve the hotties first. (The first and only rule of operating a bar.)

– Marshall’s admission that he reads CosmoGirl.

– “It’s snow problem.” — Ted’s bad Dad humor lives

– Ranjit! We love when he shows up — and we think he and Lily do make a cute couple. We do not, however, need to ever hear him say the words “crazy monkey sex” ever again …

Best Barneyism: Party School Bingo. It’s an annual game in which Barney prints a bingo card displaying the names of Playboy‘s top party schools, then tries to sleep with girls from five schools that appear in the same line. He wins every time — and not just because he’s the only one playing.


  1. I believe the Aspen Yards Ale is a play on words meaning a ski accident… I remember one time when I skied and fell and i lost both skis and poles, a dude called it a yard sale “cause everything went”

  2. Is Aspen known for its yard sales? I’ve also thought of it as a place where beer flows like wine and beautiful women instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano.

  3. My particular favorite was Barney asking if the flute section was single.

    Think about that for a second.


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