8 Questions With … Sprague Grayden

1. What has been your strangest fan encounter?

I wouldn’t call it strange but it is the most interesting. Motorcycle Riding Grandma, I think she calls herself. She is awesome. She wears leather chaps and she has short dark hair and she wears a leather jacket. I was in the restroom at a Jerico convention and used the ladies room and I stepped out to wash my hands. As I was leaving the restroom, Motorcycle Riding Grandma came up to me and said, “Oh, I just love this show. You’re so lovely.” And I said, “Thank you so much. I really appreciate that.” And she said, “Yes, I didn’t want to go up to you in the restroom because that’s what other people do. That’s not what Jerico fans do. We wait.”

2. You’re at a magazine rack and can pick three magazines. What are they?

Time, Entertainment Weekly and History Magazine.

3. What’s your favorite sports team?

The Red Socks, there’s no question.

4. When was the last time you were starstruck?

When I met Cherry [Jones]. (They worked together on 24)

5. If your TV only carried three shows, which three would you want?

That is so hard. I watch so much TV. Do people really answer this one quickly. Battlestar Galactica, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and — oh this is hard since there are so many good ones — I guess one for fun. Ugly Betty. America [Ferrara] is just amazing.

6. When is the last time you felt like crying?

I think it was Monday driving home. The favorite song of a ex-boyfriend of mine came on the radio. That will do it.

7. What’s your favorite condiment?

Ummmmmmm, mustard. A champagne mustard.

8. If you could play an action hero, what sort of character would you be?

Rogue from X-Men. If I could do it, I would be Rogue. She’s one of my favorites. I have many superheroes. I wouldn’t mind having super strength or being a Cylon. I have so many.