Psych – Lassie Did a Bad Bad Thing

There are so many great things in this week’s episode, I scarcely know where to begin.

Lassiter is the primary suspect when a notorious gang leader is killed inside the police station. Shawn believes Lassie didn’t do it, so I believe it. Gus is only ever 75% sure. My first thought is that McNab had something to do with it, thanks to some clever camerawork. I wondered whether he might want off the show, but then common sense prevailed. It couldn’t be McNab. That actor has it made! He has a steady job in a fickle industry without ever having to do too much. No, the killer must be someone else.

Conveniently, there are a bunch of new faces in the police station. Cops, lawyers, and even federal officers all want a piece of the high-profile arrest, and motives are flying in all directions. I follow Shawn’s antics patiently. I also begin to see why Lassiter’s wife needed to divorce him. I’ve always thought he had a misunderstood heart somewhere deep down, some compassion, some understanding of how to interact with people. But, no. Week after week, Lassie just lives for the job and lacks some serious social skills.

Shawn identifies a key witness by the name of Kenneth Loggins. You know, we might as well call it the Kenny Loggins episode. I counted 6 different references to the singer, most famous for ’80s hits “Footloose” and “Danger Zone”.

That count doesn’t include Shawn’s fantastic dance moves in his mistaken tribute to Footloose. (He did the water dropping dance from Flashdance.)

I’d hate to give away the whodunit, in case (and you better have a good reason why) you missed this week’s show. Suffice to say, the case is solved and Lassiter didn’t do it. Oh, yeah, and it wasn’t McNab either. See for yourself, full episodes are always available to watch online at

Just for Fun: Every episode opens with some lesson being taught to a mischievous Young Shawn by his cop father Henry, played by Corbin Bernsen. Each time Shawn thinks he’s going to completely get away with something naughty or wrong, he’s blindsided by dad. All I can think of every time that happens is how much fun I’m going to have screwing up my kids. They may hate me, but I will laugh and laugh. It’s going to be fabulous. I have definite plans to be the embarrassing parent at U-8 soccer games who is either overly concerned or overly competitive. Let’s not forget showing baby pictures on prom night. Maybe I’ll give the kids mullet haircuts just in time for portrait days at school…

Favorite Pop Culture References:

(*In addition to the Kenny Loggins running gag, this week was heavy on literary references. Psych must have a new intern, some pretentious English major with a fondness for ’70s soft rock…)

Lassiter: No, these are my civies.

Gus: They look exactly like your work clothes!

Lassiter: Hardly. I’m wearing my suede bucks. They’re a casual gentleman’s shoe.

Shawn: A casual gentleman’s shoe? What are you, the Great Gatsby? Are you going to do a little swan-watching with Daisy Buchanan later?


Shawn: He’s seriously depressed. He’s going all Bukowski on us.


Shawn: I can’t believe you thought that text was actually from me! It lacked all nuance, my signature mocking tone, and was utterly devoid of emoticons!!