10 Items Or Less: Eye Can See Clearly

Posted by Ryan

Don “The Bags” Bagley is back, and he’s now practicing medicine. That’s right, “The Bags” packed groceries at SuperValueMart to pay for medical school, and now Leslie is opening Bagley’s LASIK eye surgery clinic right in the Greens & Grains. But Yolanda thinks this is a huge mistake, as she wanted to open the first Yolanda’s Tube Top Shop in that space. So Yolanda busts in the clinic just as Leslie is having laser eye surgery, and the procedure gets messed up, leaving Leslie blinded. Yolanda feels responsible, so she takes care of Leslie at her home while he recovers. Yolanda can’t wait to get rid of Leslie, but her son Manny and Leslie have developed quite a bond. But Yolanda is furious when she finds out that Leslie’s eyes have healed and he’s just been hanging around her house because he’s lonely. Yolanda feels sorry for Leslie, and the two of them make up … until Yolanda closes the loading dock door down on Leslie’s legs.

Employee Of The Week: Ingrid, who so wonderfully pulls off the tube top and see-through smock combo.

Special Of The Week: Leslie’s description of the laser eye surgery procedure: “It’s like snaking a toilet, that’s what it is, except the toilet’s your eyeball.”

Disturbing Details About Leslie: Leslie has large pores in his skin, which absorb a lot of soap. He also has a feral cat in his house, which attacks him in his sleep.

Product Placements: Hershey’s/Reese’s. You no longer have to decide between chocolate and peanut butter.

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