“My Name Is Earl”: Darnell Outed, Part 1

The talent game show Estrada or Nada (featuring Erik Estrada and American Idol castoff cohost Brian Dunkleman) is doing auditions in Camden County, and Earl sees this as an opportunity to cross “ruined Joy’s chance at being on TV” off his list. It was Joy’s childhood dream to be famous, but that dream slowly died as the years went on. And it died for good when Earl used Joy’s Fear Factor audition tape for shooting skeet. So Joy gets on for the audition, performs a contortionist “Crustacean Sensation” crab walk, and gets rejected by the judges. She throws a fit on the stage, decks Dunkleman, and Darnell has to get on stage to restrain her. When the episode of Estrada or Nada airs, Crab Man’s name and address are exposed, and his secret life in the witness protection program is jeopardized. Crab Man gets a call on his secret hair phone, and he knows he’s got only moments before the FBI or worse gets to him. He rounds up Joy and the kids at the trailer and is about to flee when the power goes out. Earl and Randy wake up with syringes in their necks and Crab Man, Joy and the kids nowhere to be found. Of course, the episode is To Be Continued…

What We Learned

estradaornada.com exists, sort of.

Unfortunately, the MicroCHiPs stage show does not.

Camden County has a Museum of Welding.

These claws were made for walking, and that’s just what they’ll do.

Wisdom From Randy: Wearing a rubber band around your danglers will help you hit the high notes in opera.

Crab Man Chronicles: So while we may soon learn the reasons behind Crab Man’s secret identity, we also learned that Mr. Turtle is still on the loose. We’re thinking he’s going to have a pretty big part in getting Darnell out of this mess next week.

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