10 Items Or Less: Turkey Bowling

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Greens & Grains loses a game of stickball to the SuperValueMart, and Todd the butcher loses a big bet as a result. Todd is furious with Leslie’s management of the pitching staff (basically Leslie), and Todd gets in Leslie’s face about it. Todd angrily tosses a frozen turkey, and it knocks over a bunch of two-liter soda bottles that Carl is setting up. And the game of Turkey Bowling is born. Carl, Leslie and Todd play Turkey Bowling in the store aisles through the night, and Leslie is pretty good at it. SuperValueMart’s new manager, Mercedes “Mercy” Jones, bets Leslie $500 that he can’t roll 3,000 frames of Turkey Bowling without having an open frame. Leslie takes the bet, closing the store for three days for a marathon of poultry tossing. Leslie wins the bet and the $500, but Mercy knows she’s the real winner — Greens & Grains hasn’t done any business in three days, and she thinks it’s going to be a week before the G&G goes out of business. But she underestimates Leslie’s inventiveness. At night, the G&G is a Turkey Bowling alley, and they’re making money hand over fist thanks to the new craze.

Employee of the Week: Todd. Not only does he win Zack’s chick-magnet shirt, he invents the game of Turkey Bowling entirely by accident.

This Week’s Special: Yolanda holding up her melons during the G&G TV commercial.

Disturbing Detail From Leslie’s Past: Leslie’s grandfather, W.C. Pool, believed that if meat was meant to be cold, God would keep it cold. The G&G had a maggot problem, and one in every 10 people died because of the G&G.

Product Placements: Vaseline for Men and Hellman’s Light mayonnaise. Try them together!

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