“One Tree Hill”: The Slippery Slope NEVER ENDS 12

Posted by: haro1d

It was a big episode (for once!), so here goes:

First off, Peyton’s pregnant! Nathan is Charleston Chiefs’ new point guard! (Does the sun ever stop shining for the Scott families?)

Millie and Mouth are smarting over their recent friction after the Gigi phone pic incident, but when Millie admits to Mouth that she lost her virginity the night before, Mouth’s mouth turns upside down.

Owen, whom we are being led to believe slept with Millie (I don’t buy it, do you?), is back on the bottle, until Chase comes to offer his assistance by filling in for him at Tric so that he can recover. (Which plays out as ridiculously as you’d think, particularly when Chase has to ask 18-year-old Mia how to mix a Long Island iced tea.)

As it turned out, Sam recovered Brooke’s sketches from — you guessed it — yet another psycho. (Her buddy Jack’s brother, Jeff, is the guy who shot Skills.) He holds Sam hostage, locking her and his brother in a room to contain them. When they try to escape through the window, Jack gets out, but Sam is caught by Jeff, bound with duct tape and stuck in a closet. Meanwhile, Brooke is frantically searching for her with Peyton and Julian helping. (Big OTH moment: It’s starting to look like something’s developing between Julian and Brooke — surprise, surprise.) Brooke remembers to look for Sam at Jack’s house, and when she shows up, she has a short discussion with Jeff, who creeps her out with comments like, “Do you think Sam and Jack are having sex?” and “Your mouth is nice.” He gets away with it until Brooke goes out the door and he says, “Have a nice night” — which Brooke remembers is exactly what the guy who assaulted her said after beating her to the floor. (Really exciting OTH moment: She beats on the door, and when Jeff opens it, she maces him in the face and scrambles to find Sam. She finds the closet where Sam is being kept, but before Brooke can free her from bondage, Jeff picks up Brooke and throws her. They struggle and pummel each other, until the classic moment when Brooke … must … reach … purse … and pulls out a handgun. The struggle ends in a tense stalemate while Brooke begins seething with hate for Jeff, just on the cusp of pulling the trigger. Sam — and Jack, and Julian — enter the room. Sam begs Brooke not to shoot, and ends up calling Brooke “Mom.” Brooke relaxes, the cops show up and after the ordeal is over, Brooke and Julian find out that it was Jeff who killed Quentin.

Lucas has to meet with Paul Norris to see about replacing the producer of the film. Of course, Paul turns out to be Julian’s dad … and he cautions Lucas about Julian and his motives with regard to Peyton. But true to Lucas’ ever-sterling character, he encourages Paul to have faith in his son and supports Julian’s staying on the project.

Nathan reports to practice only to find that Bobby Irons, who’s been looking out for him, is now the coach. Meanwhile, Jamie and Skills’ li’l brother rap about basketball and decide to go visit Quentin’s grave … without telling Mom.

At Chiefs’ practice, of course there’s an obnoxious player who begins hazing and insulting Nathan to his face. And I’m sure, in time, he’ll become Nathan’s new best friend … or BFF, I suppose I should say. Nathan doesn’t do so well at practice, but a little talk with Coach Bobby and he regains his confidence, gives what-for to snotty hazing teammate, goes home to his wife and kiddie and has another swell evening with his family, on whom the sun will never set.

Over at the recording studio, Peyton and Mia make up after their throwdown about her lack of songwriting. Then Haley shows up with Mia’s long-lost hoodie that she wore while recording her first album. (I KNEW it was the magic hoodie that was missing … NOW the music can start again.) Then there’s that mild suggestion that she and Chase might get together, but it’s probably just a tease.

Oh, and Haley divines that Peyton is preggers, and immediately calls dibs on Godmother.

But the big deal in this episode was, of course, Brooke, the gun and the music. And all of that Mom business. A couple more episodes like this, OTH people, and you might just deserve another season … even though I suspect we’re gonna get one anyway.