“My Name Is Earl”: Reading Is A Fundamental Case

Earl is helping the Camden County Bookmobile by reading a story to children, and the story sounds a little like something that once happened to Earl and Randy. Years ago, Earl and Randy decided to take their lonely eccentric friend Raynard (Ewen Bremner) out for a night on the town. Pretending to be the opening act for U2 in order to pick up some women, Earl stole the Camden County Bookmobile to use as their tour bus. After a night with the groupies, they abandoned the Bookmobile out in the wilderness. Years later, Earl and Randy returned to where they left the Bookmobile, and they discovered a feral Raynard living inside it. It seems that Raynard got evicted, and Earl couldn’t let Raynard crash at his trailer due to a pregnant, ornery Joy. So Raynard started living in the Bookmobile out in the woods, socially devolving over the years (his hot wife Charlene is a raccoon). Raynard was also subsisting on toxic berries that cause hallucinations. So Earl captured Raynard and took him back to civilization. So they cleaned Raynard up, and tried to get him some jobs. But he failed miserably at all the jobs, and ended up in a psych ward where Santa Claus (!) diagnosed him with antisocial personality disorder. Earl busted Raynard out of the psych ward and released him back to the wild, where he lived happy and free.

What We Learned

Any body parts found larger than a fist must be reported.

Club Chubby has a strict policy about letting people lure you into the woods.

If the rat steps in the poison, it is of his own free will.

Wisdom From Randy: The tube for a colonic is a lot smaller than a G.I. Joe figure, and there’s no gun to get caught on anything.

Crab Man Chronicles: That Earl and his list. He gets himself into so many predicaments!

Dan Coscino Sighting: Dan Coscino appears with Dan Coscino’s Band at the Crab Shack, performing a thrash-metal version of “Oh, Susannah.”

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