Dexter: I had a dream…

By Elaine B
Showtime sent our office a box of cookies, each featuring a picture of a star from one of their series. I got the Dexter cookie, ate half and dreamed about Dexter. It was a good dream, but the details were lost at waking. So the next day I tried eating the other half (I sort of ate around his face, saving the best for last), but apparently there was only one dream per cookie. I haven’t checked with the person who got the Californication cookie to see what his dream was about, but likely it was interesting.

I also haven’t figured out the precise meaning of the title of episode 11, but it may refer to Dexter’s dream of having a friend who really knew him, and how that dream was dashed by psychotic ambition, and the friendship ended with a couple of double crosses and a garrote. And of course my dream that this could be a show that might actually have a loooo…ng season, like a broadcast series, ends far too abruptly next week.

There are so many threads that need to be tied up in just that short final hour. Will Dexter be captured by Ramon Prado or by The Skinner? Will he get out of the fix next week’s preview hints he’ll be in in time to tie the knot with Rita? Will he manage to escape on his own or will he be rescued by Debs or LaGuerta? Will Debs follow her heart to Anton or ignore her brain and take up with Quinn? And, will she figure out whose mother Harry had his affair with? And what will LaGuerta do with the truth about Ellen’s murder now that the killer is dead?

Yes, dead. In yet another charged episode that puts Dexter and Miguel together in a killing room, Dexter takes him out. His addition of LaGuerta’s photograph beside Ellen’s reveals just how much he knew about what Miguel was up to. It had to happen sooner or later, but it would have been so much more delicious if Miguel had been disposed of next week. But, as the writers and director have never ceased to surprise me, I am likely wrong and they have something truly marvelous in store for us all.

But it will be a bittersweet parting – Dexter gone for the season, along with HBO’s True Blood and the premature series finale of Boston Legal, which will fortunately live on in syndication. Yes, the dramas are ending, and the remainder of winter will be bleak and snowy and dull without them.

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