The Office: The Surplus

Synopsis: This week’s episode of The Office begins with some good news — news which Oscar needs to deliver three times before Michael understands it. There’s a $4,300 budget surplus, which needs to be spent by the end of the day to keep next year’s budget from being reduced by that total. Oscar suggests putting the money toward a new copier, while Pam wants new chairs. Teams begin to form, and surprisingly PB&J wind up on separate sides of the issue. Michael can’t make a decision, even with the help of Hank the security guard and David Wallace — the latter of whom informs Michael that if he returns the surplus, he’ll get to keep 15 percent of it as a bonus. Decision made, Burlington Coat Factory wins! Of course, when the rest of the office figures out Michael’s plan, they quickly resolve their differences and decide to replace the chairs (despite Michael’s protests that the old ones are perfectly “Urkel-nomical.” Michael is left to pay for his blood-stained fur coat out of his own pocket.

While all of this is going on, Dwight is showing Angela and Andy around Shrute Farms, where large piles of manure litter the grounds like landmines — even in the kitchen. (One has to cover up the smell of the slaughterhouse, after all.) The highlight of the tour is a preview of the wedding ceremony performed by a German Mennonite minister. To give Andy a view of what the special day will look like, Dwight stands in for him. The whole thing brings up feelings in Angela that she can no longer repress, and she tells Dwight she made a mistake in choosing Andy. It looks like Dwight has finally won her back — until he reveals that the ceremony was real, and that he and Angela are now married. And she’s pissed off again, so everything’s back to normal.

Mike says

Best Moment: Without a doubt, it’s when Cousin Mose nails Andy in the head with large round object (a pumpkin?) during a game of catch while Dwight reveals his secret marriage plot to Angela. The only thing that would have made it funnier is if it had been a groin shot.

Best Quote:

Toby: “We should really have the office’s air quality tested. We have radon coming from below, we have asbestos in the ceilings — these are silent killers.”

Michael: “You are the silent killer. Go back to the annex.”

Toby: “You’ll see.”

Wait, will he see about the radon and asbestos … or about Toby?

Employee of the Week: Hank. We think if he had just gotten the chance to inspect the copier and the chairs a few more times, he would have been able to come up with a fair and informed decision.

johnnysweeptheleg says

Best Moment: Andy stepping in manure — in the kitchen.  Only at Dwight’s place, would that not seem the least bit out of place.  I’m still not convinced that wasn’t courtesy of Mose.

Best Quote: While the episode was funny, there weren’t too many lines that stood out as “best quote” for me.  I have to side with Mike as I, too, felt Michael’s “You are the silent killer.  Go back to the annex,” was the biggest laugh-producer.

Employee of the Week: Angela.  She made out with Andy in the middle of the office and married Dwight — all in the same day.  For Angela, that’s a regular “Girls Gone Wild” course of events.

Ryan says

Best Moment: When it dawns on us that Michael ate the Tiramisu that Pam threw in the garbage because it “has a little tiny hair on it.”

Best Quote: “I swallowed all your ideas, I’m going to digest them and see what comes out the other end.” — Michael on the chairs vs. copier debate

Employee of the Week: Konrad, the German Mennonite minister. He was born minutes from Shrute Farms, yet speaks no English. Very closed society. I just can’t get enough of Dwight’s rural Pennsylvania friends and relatives.