The Office: Frame Toby

Synopsis: How can things get any worse for Michael Scott? Holly has been forced to transfer back to New Hampshire, and now Toby Flenderson has been hired back to replace her. Despite his protests to David Wallace, Michael is faced with the reality that Toby isn’t going anywhere — unless Michael can frame him for sexual harassment or violence in the workplace. After trying and failing at both, Michael goes to Plan B, which is to buy a $500 bag of salad, which he believes is marijuana, and plant it in Toby’s desk drawer. When the cops come, Michael begins having second thoughts about what he’s done and is ready to take the fall. By the end of the episode, he is able to sit next to Toby on camera … though he continues to insult him the entire time.

Jim’s ready to spring the news on Pam that he’s bought his parents’ house. Thanks to Andy’s eagle eyes — and his penchant for reading other people’s e-mails — everyone in the office already knows about the surprise, except for Pam. And Jim would like to keep it that way, which shouldn’t be a problem since Pam is preoccupied with the messy microwave in the breakroom. Eventually he takes her to their new house, and despite a creepy clown painting that seems permanently anchored to the wall and the thought of sleeping in Jim’s parents’ bed, she loves it. Especially the art studio Jim has begun building her in the garage.

In other relationship news, Ryan and Kelly are breaking up. Again. It seems Ryan is going to Thailand with some friends from high school — well, a high school — and it wouldn’t be fair to either of them (especially Ryan) to keep seeing each other.

Mike says

Best Moment: Michael’s reaction when he realizes that Toby’s return is real, not just a practical joke. His exact words: “No! God, no! God, please, no! No! No! Noooo!”

Best Quotes: “We should hang out by the quarry and throw things down there.” — Creed, who apparently has big plans for his new neighbor Jim

“Mr. Kurt Russell, you are about to be served.” — Michael, preparing to act like he does not detest Toby.

“I love catching people in the act. That’s why I always whip open doors.” — Dwight

“Let’s have sex one more time. And if you have any extra cash, that would be amazing.” — Ryan, pulling off the best breakup of all time

Employee of the Week: The nod has to go to Dwight for coming up with the perfect crime — one in which he breaks into Tiffany’s, steals the chandelier and makes love to the owner’s (fictitious) daughter Tiffany, producing a son who 30 years later becomes chief of police.

johnnysweeptheleg says

Best Moment: Michael attempting to serve Mr. Kurt Russell, by acting like he’s friends with Toby.  It’s the way Michael’s voice breaks, coupled with the fact that he looks as uncomfortable as someone being forced to watch a whole game of WNBA basketball without being able to fast forward.  Can you really blame Michael, though?  You try being friends with an evil snail, and tell me how you feel about it.

Best Quotes: “I framed a raccoon for opening a Christmas present.  And I framed a bear for eating out of the garbage.”  This makes me wonder, was Dwight the one really eating out of the garbage … or was he just covering for his Cousin Mose?  Yes, it was mean.  “But sometimes the ends justify the mean.”

Employee of the Week: Pam. Her crusade against office breakroom dirtiness wins her Employee of the Week in my book.  Working in an office where the inside of our microwave also resembles a Jackson Pollock painting when people are done with it, I commend Pam for trying to do something about it.  Even if we’re in the minority, here.

Ryan says

Best Moment: It took a whole week for Michael to discover that Toby was back. Michael does not like to go back in that area of the office, because that’s where Holly used to work … and it’s icky.

Best Quote: “I learned a while back that if I don’t text 911, people will not return my calls. But now people always return my calls, because they think that something horrible has happened.” — Michael

Employee of the Week: That creepy violin-playing clown in the picture at Jim’s parents’ house. He is crucial to the structural integrity of the building.