Hulk Hogan’s Celebrity Championship Wrestling: Second Update

Did we say Monday? We meant we post a Hulk Hogan’s Celebrity Championship Wrestling update this Tuesday. (Sorry, we’re still playing catch up.) Here’s our second update on our HHCCW fantasy league. So far, Team johnnysweeptheleg is in rough shape, having lost Frank Stallone and Tiffany. Team Mike is down only Erin Murphy, who probably should have stuck around over Nikki Ziering in Week 3 anyway.

This week, the celebrities are learning how to work the crowd, as well as the hip toss, hitting the turnbuckle and the elbow smash. Well, Nikki isn’t really learning them, and that’s causing friction among Team Nasty. The squad is already down to three members, and only Dustin Diamond and Dennis Rodman seem to be putting 100 percent into their training. Team Beefcake is not without its own issues, as Danny Bonaduce injures his back while learning the hip toss.

After a mentoring session from the Hulkster himself, Nikki gets her act together, and Danny comes back from the medic, leaving only the question of whether or not the celebrities can cut a decent promo before their matches. Team Beefcake does a nice job all around, and the only hiccup when they hit the ring is a hesitant hip toss from Trishelle — who gets a pass for doing her seductive bullrider dance after just about every move. Team Nasty fares pretty well, too, with Nikki acquitting herself better than expected in the squared circle.

The elimination process offers a bit of a surprise, with the judges putting all seven remaining celebrities on the chopping block rather than granting immunity to one of the teams as they’ve done in the past. It comes down to  Nikki and Trishelle, and at this point we’re pretty sure Nikki is going home since Trishelle has outperformed her all along. We’re right, and Nikki is eliminated. As a consolation for johnnysweeptheleg, whose team is down to a paltry two members, here’s a video of the former Mrs. Ian Ziering and Playboy Playmate doing what she does best — look really, really hot.