How I Met Your Mother: Woooo!

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Synopsis: After Robin complains that she needs more alone time with Lily, because Marshall is always around to talk-block her, the two of them decide to attend a birthday party for one of Lily’s fellow teachers, Jillian. They’re surprised to find out Jillian, who’s very quiet and reserved at school, is a Wooo girl — the type of single woman who hangs out a bars, wears a little cowboy hat and responds to everything by shouting, “Woooo!” Robin, seeking solace among single friends, falls in with the Woooo girl crowd and Lily is initially horrified — before becoming jealous and attempting to become a Woooo girl herself. She doesn’t fit in (her tiny fire helmet was the first sign), and Robin explains that it’s a good thing, because it means Lily’s got more going for her than the Woooo girls.

Meanwhile, Goliath National Bank is building new downtown headquarters and upon Barney’s recommendation, Ted is one of the architects being considered to design the building. It’s a good thing, because he’s currently only working on the renovation of the new York public library (not to be confused with the New York Public Library.) Ted’s competition for the job is Sven, a Swedish architecture collective, who’s flashy presentation entices Barney so much that he forsakes his friend for the chance to work in a giant dinosaur-shaped building. Eventually, Barney sees the light — with Marshall’s help — and he recommends Ted’s design.

What We Liked:

– Jamie-Lynn Sigler as lead Woooo girl Jillian. Without girls like her, little cowboy hats would be worn only by little cowboys and when Van Morrison’s “Brown Eyed Girl” played on a jukebox, you’d hear nothing but silence … and “Brown Eyed Girl.”

– That the books at the new York, N.D., library are divided into two sections: Fishin’ and Non-Fishin’

– Sven. Not only did they design a building that looks like a giant fire-breathing dragon and has a strip club at the top, but one of them plays a keytar. Awesome!

– Lily asking, “Is LL Cool J still doing things?”

– Barney and Marshall’s conference calls. Sometimes we, too, wish we could go out for a beer and throw cans at pigeons while we’re at work.

Best Barneyism: “Finish your beer — fill the tank.” — Barney’s advice before Ted heads over to the current GNB building to “pee on it a little.”

Photo: Karen Neal/Fox ©2008 Fox Television. All Rights Reserved.

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