“My Name Is Earl”: Earl And Joy’s Anniversary

Earl is doing some items on his list at the Crab Shack, and one of them is repairing the dent he put in the bar. Which reminded him of how it got there. Back in 2000, Randy ruined the piece of stolen wedding cake that Joy had been saving to eat for good luck on her and Earl’s first anniversary. To make it up to Joy, Randy throws a party for them at the Crab Shack, inviting people from Joy’s address book. But it turns out that Joy’s address book is really a list of guys she’s foned boned. One of those guys is Earl’s cousin Blake (Jason Priestley), a handsome, professional backpack model with his own condo. Earl has always felt inferior to Blake, and with Camden getting swarmed by killer bees, Earl doesn’t feel like he could protect Joy from them as well as Blake could. In a jealous rage, Earl starts a fight with Blake, and Blake slams Earl’s head into the bar (hence, the dent). Joy explains to Earl that their marriage is pretty much a sham, and they’d be smart to end it. But when a killer bee gets into the Crab Shack and makes a bee line for Joy, Earl steps in and heroically saves Joy. Earl did care about Joy after all, and of all Earl’s wives, Joy was his favorite.

What We Learned

Debating is more than just saying the opposite of what the other person says.

Walk into a bakery wearing a hairnet and you can walk out with pretty much anything.

Oprah doesn’t know much about marriage, but she knows a lot about cake.

If the bees are swarming people, that means they’re Africanized. Those brothers mean business.

When in doubt, set something on fire.

Wisdom From Randy: The guy on the news who catches perverts in his kitchen every week should really move.

Crab Man Chronicles: Something went down with Crab Man, Catalina, the Day Hooker and Gay Kenny in the phone booth, but we must never speak of it.

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