It’s Time To Boot Marjorie Off ANTM

by Ruth Anne Boulet

Oh, don’t get on me about spoiling things. I don’t know who’s going to actually get booted off, but boy is it ever time to give Eeyore the heave-ho. Or maybe I just don’t understand. She is European. She begins this episode by saying that she needs to calm down. Uh, yeah.

Tyra’s whipping out the melodramatic music as Marjorie gets counseled by Analeigh. Even she seems over it. She’s paying more attention to the clothes she’s folding.

It’s time for another Paulina lesson! How do you sell something that you don’t want to sell? First up, a bucket of herring, then toilet paper. At least ANTM is giving the girls tips they can use, since most of them will be doing commercial work. Each girl had a strength, even Marjorie. How positive!

TyraMail hints that it’s commercial time. Of course it’s commercial time. I hope this time they have to memorize and don’t get any wimpy cue-cards. The models end up at an ad agency where they have to audition for a commercial. A commercial with no words, but they have to kiss this male supermodel, so they’re all freaking out. Analeigh thinks his lips are soft & voluptuous. I don’t know if this is an editing thing, but Marjorie is last. She’s totally geeked out.

And she wins the challenge! Her geekiness won her the challenge. Well done, meltdown girl. She even shares her prize evenly of a $10,000 shopping spree at G-Star.

And with this newfound confidence she calls the guys who drove their water taxis and tells them to bring alcohol. They do. They bring lots of alcohol. The other girls apparently don’t drink. I don’t know if they’re just saying they don’t drink, or if they really don’t, but either way they all seem pretty together and Marjorie seems crap-faced. Silly now over-confident yet still lacking in self-confidence Marjorie.

Analeigh actually is a good friend & keeps an eye on Marjorie as she gets into the tub with one of the guys. The guy is in his underwear & Marjorie is clothed. The rest of the girls also had her back. And to her credit, she thanked the other girls & admitted that she felt totally safe drinking with 3 sober women around. Just glad no one got ill.

So it’s photo shoot in front of a windmill time! The girls are way whacked out in hair & makeup again. Girls like Analeigh make it look good while Marjorie just stands there for a while. Sam seems to fall apart until Mr. Jay yells at her, and Sutan has to comfort her back in hair & makeup. Mr. Jay loves how McKey works her chain. No, seriously, she had this chain & actually got to work with the windmill instead of just walking in a field. Marjorie ends her day with another glass of wine. Ah, to be in one’s early 20s again. I had that bounce-back time once. Once. It’ll fade though, Marjorie.

Time for panel! McKey gets good props, although I’m surprised by the lack of definition in her arms for being an ultimate fighter, or whatever she does with her boyfriend. Marjorie gets called a little boring. Samantha gets told to take off her mall sweater. One of Analeigh’s jumping pose was selected and the panel raves about that, too. So it’ll be either Marjorie or Samantha to go home. Honestly, I hope it’s Marjorie, but I believe I said that at the top of this blog posting.

So first up is Analeigh, then McKey, and sure enough it’s Marjorie vs. Samantha in the bottom. Did you know that the name Tyra does not call has to return to the house, pack her belongings and go home? I had no idea. Marjorie has lost her personality and Samantha is told she doesn’t get ‘model.’ Doesn’t matter, Samantha gets to stay and is told that she isn’t supposed to act like a model but BE a model.

So Marjorie is, indeed, off and has to have a cry with Analeigh before going. Maybe the girls will get together when this is all over.

Next week, we wrap this cycle up and crown America’s Next Top Model.