“My Name Is Earl”: Sold A Guy A Lemon Car

Earl and Randy have a new neighbor at the motel, a creepy guy named Lloyd (played by Courtney Gains, who was Malachai in Children of the Corn) who makes a ruckus with hammering and welding into the wee hours of the night. Joy recognizes Lloyd as the guy who she and Earl sold a hillbilly tuned-up lemon to. Lloyd wanted to take a cross-country drive, but he didn’t get out of Camden County before the car broke down. The incident scarred Lloyd emotionally, and he lost his faith in human goodness. Earl suspects that Lloyd is building a bomb in his motel room, and now Earl has to convince Lloyd that people are good. Earl says that if one person who bought the lemon didn’t sell it and rip off the next person, Lloyd can have his faith in humanity restored. Turns out that Lloyd isn’t building a bomb after all — he’s building a rocket ship to escape the world. Lloyd is impressed that Earl would do an unselfish act and risk his life to protect people from Lloyd’s “bomb,” and he realizes that people aren’t all scum after all. And he finally gets around to taking that cross-country drive.

What We Learned

It’s not porn if it’s on regular TV.

Scruples are not a big part of my nature.

If your heart is open, love will always find its way in … or so says Jane Seymour for Kay Jewelers.

Awkward, intrusive product placements should be avoided at all costs.

Wisdom From Randy: If you chop Lloyd’s hands off, he can’t light fuses.

Crab Man Chronicles: Darnell, meet Mr. Frog.

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