“My Name Is Earl”: Little Bad Voodoo Brother

Earl is supposed to do No. 94 on his list, “Ruined Dodge and Earl Jr.’s Halloween,” and Joy insists that Earl throw a Halloween party for the boys and everyone in the neighborhood. Catalina’s nephew Osgar (It’s like Oscar but with an “O”) just arrived in a crate from Mexico. Which reminds Earl that he also has to do another item on his list: “Cost Randy a Little Brother.” Earl and Randy decide to go to the charitable organization Big Bros Little Bros to see if they can get a needy kid for Randy to mentor. But the people at Big Bros Little Bros don’t accept Randy. Catalina thinks Randy might make a good role model for Osgar. But Osgar has some issues: He steals things, he doesn’t like to be told what to do, and he practices voodoo. Osgar puts a hex on Joy, and Joy assembles a witch hunt posse to go after him. But Randy is going to stand up to the mob and defend his little brother like a big brother should. So the mob pummels the bejesus out of Randy and Earl. Hoping karma can save them, Earl crosses “Cost Randy a Little Brother” off his list. Suddenly, Osgar is a sweet boy who turns his voodoo dolls into cute toys for a Halloween doll party … Or something. I’m not sure. All I know is we can never have enough of Catalina in her Club Chubby uniform.

What We Learned:

Randy swallowed a lot of bleach. That’s why he can’t taste salt.

Plants suck. … I’m sorry, plants! I’m just mad.

“Dos” means “poo” in Spanish.

The ground bones of a graveyard sparrow make a great exfoliant.

Voodoo’s making us gay!

Wisdom From Randy: He is 31 and he lives in a motel. He has three pairs of pants and five shirts. And that pretty much sums him up.

Crab Man Chronicles: Crab Man has fake passports for both Earl and Randy. He was thinking three steps ahead last December.

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