How I Met Your Mother: Happily Ever After

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Synopsis: Sure, Stella left Ted at the altar — yesterday — but that’s no reason for him to be feeling down. He claims he needs just two things to help him get through this: Kool and the Gang. (Well, that and his “New York guide to places you might run into Stella Zinman.”) But when Stella shows up at the restaurant where he and the gang are having dinner, he makes everyone hide under the table to avoid confrontation. Apparently that’s how they do it in Ohio. To help Ted sort out his feelings — and to pass the time — the gang tells stories about the people they never want to have to see again. For Lily, it’s Michael Sasser, a former classmate whom she burdened with the nickname “Gasser.” For Barney, it’s an ex-girlfriend (and ex-con) named Becca DeLucci; For Robin, it’s her dad, who really wanted a son. Eventually Ted is convinced that he should confront Stella, but it’s too late. She’s gone. He follows her home, preparing the perfect “you just made the biggest mistake of your life” speech along the way. But when he sees Stella, happy with her new family, he decides she made the right choice after all, and he lets go of his anger.

What We Liked:

– Barney’s analysis of Stella leaving Ted at the altar: “Ted just pulled off the greatest train dodge since Stand by Me. Well, not the first kid … but the other kids!”

– Marshall imploring Ted to “release the berzerker.” We’d like to think he’s talking about Silent Bob’s cousin Olaf from Clerks.

– Robin’s explanation of Canada’s hockey euphemisms for sex. “Blue line” is kissing, “red line” is getting naked and “in the crease” speaks for itself.

Best Barneyisms: “Kids are awesome.” — Barney’s alternate take on the relentless teasing endured by poor “Gasser” at the hands of his classmates

“People of the chicks-I-banged persuasion.” — Barney’s description of the people he would like to avoid for the rest of his life

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