ANTM Brings Some Go-See Meltdown Fun

by Ruth Anne Boulet

I’d just like to note that I, unlike every other ANTM blogger I saw, did not feel the need to reference The Police hit Roxanne. It just seemed too obvious. Red light.

Top 5! OMG! Top 5! It’s so great! TyraMail lets the girls know that it’s go-see time. Awesome. Time to see some lost weepy models. Each girl gets their own boat to get to 5 designers before the 5pm deadline. Based on the graphic, it looks like the girls get 4 hours total time. The girls complain about the speed of the boats. They’re slow. Harumph.

Samantha gets rejected for being too commercial. Another designer loves McKey. Marjorie gets flustered & lost. Analeigh also gets lost, but eventually finds a designer, who likes her. Elina doesn’t make a good impression because she ran & got a sweaty back. This designer also thinks she’s posing as a model. Ooh, burn.

So we’re 2 hours into the go-see torture. Most girls have made it to 2 designers. Marjorie has made it to none. That’s not good. Didn’t Heather, the girl with Aspergers’, at least make it to one? Marjorie ends up skipping the first go-see because she can’t find it. She does find the second go-see, so she at least makes it to one.

Elina gets dinged by the swimsuit/underwear designer because she’s got tattoos. McKey keeps losing track of time because the city is so pretty. Because Marjorie is doing so bad, she just turns around & goes back to the start point. She makes it first, followed by Analeigh, Elina, Samantha and McKey is seconds too late. She’s told that had she been on time, she would have won the challenge.

The prize for this challenge is pieces from each designer worth over $18,000. Analeigh is the challenge winner. Marjorie is really breaking down at this point, and needs a bath to feel better. Analeigh doesn’t join her this time, just counsels her from the side.

So the girls all think they are going to be naked for their next photo shoot. Samantha hopes it’s couture nude and not HA nude. No, no, it’s just that Tyra’s the photographer and the girls need to be photographed glam and then without makeup. The idea is the pure shot, and then a couture shot. Overall, most of the girls do well, but I think Elina and Marjorie will be in the bottom two, and I think it may be Elina’s turn to go. I wouldn’t blame the show for cutting Marjorie, since she continually looks like she’s going to throw up.

Time for panel, and this time Mr. Jay is the guest judge. Samantha gets way positive feedback, and apparently booked 2 of the designers. Analeigh booked 3 and gets positive feedback on her glam shot. Marjorie booked neither of her designers. Again, she gets good props on her glam shot, but not her natural shot.

Miss Jay decides Elina would look better without her blouse and just her jacket. She then has to take her hair down & scream. I think she’s going home, especially when she admits she has no idea what anyone is talking about when she’s told to let go. That’s not a good thing. McKey just gets mad props, except for that being late thing. Get a watch, McKey. She ended up booking all 4 designers she saw.

So after talking behind the girls’ back, it’s time for Tyra to give someone the boot. Samantha is the photo shoot winner, followed by McKey and Analeigh. Yep, it’s Marjorie and Elina in the bottom two. Elina’s too tight & Marjorie is too scared. This time, the scaredy-cat stays. It’s Elina’s turn to go. Take some improv classes, girl. You need to loosen up. Perhaps someone should’ve visited a coffee shop during her stay.

And next week, it’s time to get sloppy drunk with male models. Whoo-hoo! Where’s Joe Francis when you need him?