Dexter: Devil on one shoulder, angel on the other

By Elaine B
All the action in “Sí, se puede” (a nice election week tie in, sí?) left me feeling a bit drained. In this case, ” Yes we can” means that Miguel turned out to be a perfect sidekick, even game for taking out white supremacist Clemson Galt.

Naming Clemson, who is already in a maximum-security prison, as his next victim, Dexter hoped to dissuade Miguel from wanting to engage in some male bonding over a killing table. Unfortunately for Dex, Prado is an adrenaline junkie who figures out a way to get the swastika-tatted Clem out of prison and even provides a decent reason why he is helping as he slips Clem a handcuff key

But Miguel did not count on a guard getting wind of Clem’s escape so soon, so there were some tense moments for Dexter and Clem as Miguel covered his own butt and the guards closed in.

It ended as it had to (we have seasons four and five coming, after all) with a needle to the neck, a roll of plastic wrap, some pictures, and a body on a table. Miguel wanted to be there to witness the killing, but Dex was not so foolish. He may have a friend, but he still has his secrets and, he noted, Prado would understand.

But Dexter is pure of heart, or as pure as a killer can be, while Miguel is power hungry and codeless. But this season is about temptation — Dexter’s need to have a true friend balanced against Miguel’s need to excel by whatever means are necessary. Can what remains of Harry’s code survive?

Meanwhile, there is still another killer on the loose. Debs fingers Miguel’s brother Ramón, but tailing him proves he’s just a bully not above torture. They bring him in for that instead, and Quinn is nice enough to give her all the credit. To repay him, Debs tells him that he’s being investigated by Internal Affairs. Hopefully that was a good move on her part. Time will tell.