The Office: Employee Transfer

Synopsis: Now that David Wallace knows about her relationship with Michael, Holly has been asked to transfer to the New Hampshire branch. No problem — she and Michael will still see each other all the time, sometimes meeting at the midway point to stay at a bed and breakfast that doesn’t actually exist. Somewhere during the drive to New Hampshire (we think it was the fourth or fifth time “Life Is a Highway” came up on Michael’s mix CD), Holly begins to realize that a long-distance relationship isn’t going to work, and Michael spends the rest of the trip trying to convince her otherwise. He can’t, and now fears he’s destined to wind up with Jan.

On the lighter side, the Dwight/Andy feud continues, with Dwight pretending to be interested in attending Andy’s beloved alma mater, Cornell. The results are funnier than the lame joke Jim’s brothers decided to play on him. While at lunch with PB&J, they pretend to attack Pam’s chosen career path. Unfortunately, neither the prank nor the subplot produce any laughs.

Mike says

Best Moment: Everything that came before the opening credits. We loved seeing everyone in costume — especially Creed, who somehow appears less creepy as the Joker. After that, everything kind of went downhill this week.

Best Quote: “Did Darryl touch you?” — Michael, misinterpreting Holly’s tears in a way that only he could

Employee of the Week: Darryl. Not only did he resist the temptation to knock Michael out for the comment above, but his vocals on “Life Is a Highway” were outstanding.

Ryan says

Best Moment: Stanley asleep in his Creature From the Black Lagoon mask.

Best Quote: “Shh. He wears it so he can sleep at his desk.” — Phyllis, on Stanley asleep in his Creature From the Black Lagoon mask.

Employee of the Week: Stanley. He fell asleep in his Creature From the Black Lagoon mask.

(Hey, the writers of this episode phoned it in, so I’m doing the same on my recap.)

johnnysweeptheg says

Best Moment:

Best Quote:

Employee of the Week: