Dexter: One brother down, one brother-in-arms to …

By Elaine B
A caveman walking the beach in the comic strip B.C. saw a clam walk from one pile of shells to another. “Clams have legs!” the caveman proclaimed. In the next window, in a dialogue balloon, one of the clams said, “Now we have to kill him.” What follows is a series of clam-attempted homicides that Dexter would likely find terribly amusing.

But there is nothing amusing about the situation our antihero finds himself in now. By the end of episode five, Dexter is aware that Prado had set him up by pointing him to a killer who has escaped justice and seeing if he takes the bait. Of course Dexter, so eager to please his new (and likely first) friend, swallows it hook, line and sinker, and heads off for a day to dismember.

While he’s gone, Rita winds up in the hospital and may lose the baby. Dex, down in Bimini with his cell turned off, doesn’t pick up the multiple calls, giving Prado a reason to send the Coast Guard down to the area where Dex was supposed to be fishing. Of course, he’s not there. But after he lands in Miami, he gets the message and, with a rush of what seems like real emotion, rushes to Rita’s side. She’s OK, but with our attention so on Rita and Dexter’s frantic moments of real emotion, we miss what was an obvious setup. At the end of the episode, Prado gets a call about the killer who went missing from a cruise ship and happily tells Dexter he knows Dexter killed the man. But when Prado says, “We’re the same, you and I. I’m just like you,” it’s a huge surprise. Dexter isn’t buying Prado’s proclamation of kinship, but he doesn’t deny anything, either. “No one is like me,” Dex retorts, backing away when Prado tries to touch him.

So, are they the same? Was Prado really going to kill Freebo? He was in the right place with a gun, wasn’t he? He seems to have the ruthlessness to do it, the drive, and, in his case, the emotion. But he isn’t like Dexter. He kills with passion, not cold-blooded need.

Next week’s preview hints that Prado wants a jailed prisoner killed (and the online preview at, gives his real motive). He asks Dexter to help him do it and possibly sets Dexter up. But, of course, there may be more going on than meets the eye. Meanwhile, (also from the online preview) Debs tells Dexter she is beginning to wonder if Prado isn’t the new killer in town, going after Freebo’s contacts. Dex tells her Prado has a motive, but since Prado already knows Freebo is dead, it may be someone else. Quinn? He’s certainly smarmy, and there is something cold and very Hannibal Lecter-ish about his ego and his intelligence. He’s on my suspect list.

Let’s give kudos where it’s due. Prado seemed like a huge distraction from wherever the plot might be headed this season, but it turns out he is central to the story and just may be a killer himself. It seems a bit early for the showdown between Dex and Prado, but a visit over to only shows Jimmy Smits appearing in 6 episodes this season. Is this report just another attempt to mislead? It’s only three days ’till Sunday. This would be Smits last, if the report is correct, and I am counting the hours!