How I Met Your Mother: Shelter Island

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Synopsis: Ted and Stella are upset with Stella’s New Agey vegan sister. She’s stealing all Stella’s ideas for a dream wedding. But four days before the wedding, Stella’s sister’s engagement falls apart. Stella decides to take over her sister’s wedding and get married in three days on Shelter Island.

Ted’s a little freaked out, but he’s ready to be spontaneous! Ted’s first order of business is to call Robin in Japan and tell her she has to come back for the wedding. Despite Robin just starting her job, she agrees to fly back. Of course, Barney sees the wedding as a perfect opportunity to sleep with Robin again.

Everyone travels to Shelter Island the day before the wedding. First Crisis: The Namaste Yoga and Meditation Collective where the wedding is being held doesn’t serve meat (a problem for Marshall) or alcohol (a big problem for Barney). Second Crisis: Stella’s not happy that Robin is coming to the wedding. Stella’s uncomfortable with exes coming to weddings, claiming that it brings up all kinds of unresolved issues. Next Crisis: Stella’s daughter Lucy isn’t coming to the wedding, since her father, Stella’s ex Tony, isn’t so cool with Stella getting married. Ted decides to drive over to Tony’s on the morning of the wedding to convince him to let Lucy come, and in the process, Ted ends up inviting Tony to the wedding.

Stella flips out when Tony and Robin show up at the same time. Ted agrees to tell Robin that she can’t come to the wedding, and Stella has to talk to Tony. But Robin reveals that she still feels something for Ted. Robin quit her job and is moving back to New York. She asks Ted not to get married. But Ted says that Stella is the one, he’s going through with the wedding, and he doesn’t want Robin to be there.

On the ferry back from Shelter Island, Robin sees Stella on the deck … with Tony. It seems their unresolved issues were too much for Stella to overcome. See kids, this is why you don’t invite exes to weddings. But in this case, we’re happy Ted did.

What We Liked:

“OK, new goal. I want our wedding to kick her wedding’s ass. I want our wedding to take her wedding’s head and shove it in the toilet and flush it like 20 times.” — Ted’s plan to have a better wedding than Stella’s sister’s

Robin’s co-anchor in Japan is a chimp who throws marshmallows at her.

The Vickie Mendoza Diagonal factoring into Barney’s “How Can I Have Sex With Robin Again?” equation.

The return of Zitchdog!

“Your new husband used to nail me like three times a day.” — Stella imagining what Robin would say to her at the wedding

“Suck it, bitch. I win.” — Robin imagining what Stella would say to her at the wedding

What We Didn’t Like:

Tony. We hope he and Stella will be happy together in New F***ing Jersey.

Best Barneyism: “Dear female, thank you for your interest in Barney Stinson. I regret to inform you that at this time, there are currently no positions available.”

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