Wild, Wild World of Animals: October 2008

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Some programs of note this month for you animal lovers:

Dogs 101/Cats 101 Animal Planet, Saturdays beginning Oct. 11. This 10-week series claims to be the most comprehensive look at dogs and cats on television. The first eight episodes explore the most popular dog breeds (the premiere looks at French bulldogs, Airedales, Labs, Chihuahuas and poodles), with the last two episodes focusing on cats. Rounding out the month: Rottweilers, Boston terriers, basset hounds shar-peis and St. Bernards on Oct. 18; and German shepherds, Jack Russell terriers, golden retrievers, vizslas and pembroke corgis on Oct. 25. (IN HD)

It’s Me or the Dog Animal Planet, Saturdays beginning Oct. 11. The U.S. version of the hit British series in which dog trainer Victoria Stilwell tries to curb problem pooches, and their often even worse owners. (IN HD)

Toughest Race on Earth: Iditarod Discovery Channel, Tuesdays beginning Oct. 14. A new series that follows the competitors in the historic, 1,150-mile sled dog race. (IN HD)

Hooked: Fish Gone Wild National Geographic Channel, Oct. 19. New episodes of the series about gigantic fish begin with this one, in which we meet a great white shark, a 7-foot-long catfish, and a guy who catches a record marlin in his kayak. (IN HD)

Hooked: Man Vs. Fish National Geographic Channel, Oct. 19. More big fish, such as a 150-pound tuna, a massive lemon shark and an armor-plated arapaima. (IN HD)

Hooked: Gone Monster Fishing National Geographic Channel, Oct. 20. Still not hooked on this show? Then check out yet another installment, where you can ride along with former president George H.W. Bush as he fishes for tarpon in Maine, and then meet other anglers, such as the men who battle a stingray the size of an office cubicle. (IN HD)

Monster Fish of the Mekong National Geographic Channel, Oct. 21. More fish for dinner on NGC as explorer Zeb Hogan tracks giant fish in the great rivers of Asia, such as the legendary freshwater stingray of northern Cambodia. (IN HD)

Living With the Wolfman Animal Planet, Tuesdays beginning Oct. 21. British wolf expert Shaun Ellis, who lives, sleeps and eats with a pack of wolves in the name of science, is bringing a new member into his pack — his girlfriend Helen Jeffs. Will his lupine buddies welcome her as much? That’s what this new series looks to find out. (IN HD)

Dog Whisperer: Argonaut and Patches National Geographic Channel, Oct. 24. Chicken smoothie, anyone? That’s the tasty recipe Cesar cooks up for a cocker spaniel named Patches in this new episode to help break the dog of a dangerous paper-eating habit. Then Cesar prescribes some “pack therapy” for an aggressive bulldog/lab mix named Argy.

World’s Ugliest Dog Competition 2008 Animal Planet, Oct. 25. Can’t we just name the Chinese Crested the all-time ugliest and end these needless contests? (IN HD)Gyrfalcon in "Nature: White Falcon, White Wolf"

Nature: “White Falcon, White Wolf”PBS, Oct. 26 (check local listings). The season premiere episode follows the perilous parenthood challenges of two species — white gyrfalcons and Arctic wolves — on Canada’s remote Ellesmere Island, where winter lasts nine months. (IN HD)


Dogs 101/Cats 101: Credit: Animal Planet

World’s Ugliest Dog Competition: Credit: Martin Kilmek/Getty Images/Animal Planet

Nature: © Ian McCarthy

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