Signature Poses Take Center Stage on ANTM

We start off this episode with Samantha and Elina having a discussion about control issues. Analeigh is now the one feeling a lack of confidence. She asks the girls if they see her as competition. They don’t answer immediately. Ouch.

This week the girls have to travel to get their TyraMail in person. They’re all in this little room with black dresses. Tyra is having her photo taken to show the girls how it’s done. Tyra’s territory is the signature pose. Her signature pose is THIS (points to eyes). She’s got the fierce eyes. So now each girl gets 20 frames, then they get to look at their frames & see what they’re doing.

Analeigh’s signature is skating — her legs. McKey’s is her neck. More neck! Samantha is hands. Lauren Brie doesn’t know what she is, which is frustrating her. We also get ethnic dancing girl, top model of the world and the Hunchback of Notre Dame. I’m not kidding. And you know what, it actually worked for Marjorie. It seems like Top Model is trying harder & harder to make sure these girls have some sort of a shot at a career once ANTM is over. That’s a good thing.

Turns out this was a challenge, and Marjorie — the Hunchback of Notre Dame — wins. They win the chance to go into this ridiculously over-the-top jewelry store & pick out a piece of diamond & gold jewelry.

And then we’re at the Orpheum Theatre. Mr. Jay is hosting ‘Top Model Fiercy Awards.’ The photo shoot is an assigned embarrassing moment from an awards show. Marjorie is worried about it already, but she’s got a great thing to act out — she’s got to try and pee in a jeweled gown. It’s great.

Elina has to cry, so she’s freaking out as well. Mr. Jay is talking her through it, and it looks like it’s working for her. I hope so, ’cause I’m over the control thing.

Lauren Brie thinks the concepts of the photo shoots are getting harder. Oh boy. McKey’s shoot is subtle — she’s playing the actress whose name isn’t called to win the award. Sheena marvels at the padding in Marjorie’s dress. Sheena doesn’t need padding, so construction in a dress is a new concept to her. Analeigh gains some confidence during her photo shoot, so we’ll see if that comes through. Overall, it seemed like a decent photo shoot.

So Tyra has gone French Lieutenant at panel with an 80s attached hood thing. Oh, she’s got a reason for wearing it. It’s because she wanted to be theatrical. She’s Little Black Riding Hood. Ok Tyra.

So during panel, lots of girls get good feedback. One girl who doesn’t is Lauren Brie. Elina also doesn’t get good feedback, but mostly because her crying didn’t read on camera. At one point the entire panel turn into mannequins in honor of Lauren Brie. She’s out of the room when this happens.

Called first is Marjorie. Don’t let it go to your head, Marjorie. Analeigh, McKey, Samantha, Elina, Joslyn are called next, leaving Sheena and Lauren Brie in the bottom two. Lauren Brie gets dinged for not enough personality. Sheena’s got personality, so she stays. Personality trumps pretty once again. Lauren Brie doesn’t go for the hug on the way out. She admit that she gave up. We could tell Lauren Brie, we could tell.

Next week the girls get their first chance at a commercial. Oh yeah, good times. And Elina & Sheena go at each other for some reason that’s likely superficial and will never be discussed again. Fierce!