“My Name Is Earl”: Joy In A Bubble And Stole An RV

Joy In A Bubble

Earl spots a hottub lying on the side of the road. Remembering that “Cost Joy a hottub” was on his list, Earl gets Homeless Joe to part with the hottub he was living under. Joy loves the hottub, but it’s not the only thing that she got from Homeless Joe — she acquires a very strange flesh-eating staph infection on her big toe. Darnell is afraid of catching Joy’s infection, so he constructs a plastic quarantine zone for her in the house. Furious at Earl, Joy makes him complete a list of things she had to do while confined in the bubble: going to the salon, buying meat out some guy’s trunk, harassing the ice cream man, etc. While doing Joy’s tasks, Earl finds out that Dodge and Earl Jr. don’t have any friends. But the problem isn’t the boys — it’s Joy. She can’t behave properly in front of other children, so parents don’t invite Dodge and Earl Jr. to their kids’ parties. But with Joy in quarantine, Earl convinces a mom to invite his boys to a party. Joy finds out that the other parents don’t like her, and she breaks out of the bubble and takes off intent on busting up the party. But she has a change of heart when she sees her boys accepted and having fun with the other kids, and she decides to let them be.

What We Learned
If you spit your gum in your gas tank, bubbles will not come out of the exhaust pipe.
Making iced tea involves boiling your clothes.
Mr. Turtle can’t really stretch out in the Country Crock tub.

Wisdom from Randy
Sure, Randy could just wish away his imaginary friend Bill’s drinking problem, but Bill has to want to be sober for himself.

Crab Man Chronicles: Darnell spent time working in something called “bio-weaponry.” Two boys, a demanding job, making $2.95 an hour — these are things that weigh heavily on the Crab Man.

Stole An RV

Years ago, Earl, Joy and Randy stole an RV and destroyed it in a cooking accident. Looking to cross it off his list, Earl goes back to the RV park and finds the owner, Jerry (Jerry Van Dyke), still there, living in a tool shed, waiting to die. Earl decides to replace Jerry’s things that were lost in the RV explosion, and Jerry is reinvigorated — enough to go and try to take revenge on an Army buddy who left him alone in a foxhole during the Korean War. Jerry tries to hunt down Joe (John Amos), but during the attack, both Joe and Jerry suffer heart trouble. Feeling sad about abandoning Jerry all those years ago, Joe gives Jerry his last dose of heart medication. Both Joe and Jerry pull through, and their friendship is renewed.

What We Learned
Black and white movies remind me too much of newspapers.
Tourists pay good money to see giant stuff.
RVs are better than trailers. When a tornado comes, you can just drive away.
Love the jug. Easiest instrument to learn. Hardest to master.

Wisdom from Randy
With robot hands, you could open beers faster.

Crab Man Chronicles: Acting ladylike on a giant pig. That cracks me up.

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