Scariest Scary Movie #27 – The Ring

The Ring (2002, Naomi Watts, Martin Henderson, David Dorfman)

Before you die, you see the ring…

Quick Plot: A mysterious videotape brings death to those who watch it, seven days later. Journalist Rachel Keller begins to investigate, but after she and her young son view the tape, her search quickly becomes a race against time. Can she piece together the tape’s clues and her son’s psychic connection to them before the seven days are through?

Scariest Scene: Just as Rachel is closing in on the mystery, Noah, her ex and co-conspirator, is paid a terrifying visit from Samara. The television flips on, the phone rings. Little does he know it’s Rachel trying to warn him. Ignoring the phone, Noah watches in fascinated horror as a ghostly figure crawls out of the television towards him.

Final Say: The idea is great. The images are fantastic and creepy. While Scream took horror back to its slasher roots, The Ring goes a different direction, and is, arguably, the best scary film made in recent years. Be sure to check out the original version, 1998 Japanese film Ringu.

Airing: October 17, 8pmET – TNT (for additional dates and times, check the movie listings database at

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