ANTM Looks to Create a Beautiful Disaster

Nine girls remain on ANTM, and tonight it’s time to cut them down to eight. But first, Clark has to gloat about great it is to be on top of the heap. Samantha wants to stay around, so she’s going to work on not ticking off any designers.

Marjorie is defending being nervous. They are in front of very important people at panel! Analeigh looks at Marjorie like she’s nuts. Joslyn has her own bit of insecurity, but she shares it with family instead of, you know, folks she’s competing against. Smart girl, that Joslyn.

Paulina Porizkova meets the girls in a dirty warehouse. She’s wearing something hideous — it doesn’t fit at all. The girls have to figure out how to use tools to make their ill-fitting outfits work on them. The tools at their disposal are shoulder pads, clips, duct tape. There’s a lot of pinning and adjusting going on. Samantha thought she rocked it, but she totally changed the look of the clothes, which doesn’t work when you’re trying to sell the clothes.

Paulina then calls on Marjorie because she looks ill. Oh, nervous girl. She starts crying. Joslyn is wondering if Paulina pinched her or something. Paulina tries to have a teaching moment with the girls discussing European and American culture. We don’t get to hear much of that, unfortunately. Instead we hear that McKey is the challenge winner for rocking the can in the back of her pants.

And we’re back to Marjorie. Hannah’s not here anymore, so we can’t focus on her & calling her a racist. Instead we’ll psychoanalyze Marjorie and why she looks at things differently. Samantha can’t see anything other than what she perceives as a negative attitude. Whatever, I doubt we’ll revisit this again.

It’s My Life As a Cover Girl. Whitney is baking cupcakes. Excuse me, but why is the first plus-size winner baking? I don’t remember any other Top Model baking…

Mr. Jay is all aliened out tromping through a model city. All of the girls will now be a natural disaster in this photo shoot. Earthquakes, sandstorms, blackouts, all in high-fashion. Remember how Clark won last week? Guess who’s overconfident this week? That never happens. Lauren Brie kinda looks like a young Phyllis Diller.

McKey is a heat wave and as the camera pans up her, we get a bit of blurring because her skirt is so short. Samantha is working hard and lucky for her she gets a pretty easy disaster of tidal wave. Playing with water loosens her up. Marjorie, again, is dejected by her performance. If they want to torture this girl, they’ll keep her in the competition.

Time for panel!

Marjorie is up first, and the judges love her final image. She gets good feedback. Here’s hoping that helps. Samantha also gets good feedback. Elina is the definition of ugly-pretty, which Tyra illustrates with sound effects. Sheena actually gets told to make her shirt tighter. Wasn’t she accused of being too hootchie? Joslyn is told she’s a mess. McKey gets only ok feedback, after Mr. Jay raved about her.

Lauren Brie’s picture at panel gets called cheese on ice. Nice. Clark gets called a mediocre good. Miss Jay and Tyra demo how to melt. It’s the usual panel silliness.

So who’s still in it? First up, Samantha. Here’s hoping this doesn’t go to her head. Analeigh, McKey, Elina, Marjorie, Lauren Brie, and Sheena are then called up, leaving Clark and Joslyn in the bottom. I hope Clark goes home, just because Joslyn is so perky. Clark is just kind of ‘meh’ after not really living up to being the resident baddie.

Wow, and Tyra basically calls it that way. Because Joslyn’s personality is so fun, she stays. Clark is going home, packing her Space Bags and heading out.

Up next, signature poses and Elina has to learn to let go. Can she? We’ll see next week on America’s Next Top Model.