“One Tree Hill”: The Slippery Slope NEVER ENDS 5

Posted by: haro1d

What is it about corn fields that’s so darned creepy? It goes back further than Stephen King’s Children of the Corn — at least to that Twilight Zone episode with Billy Mumy wishing everyone into the corn field.

No matter how you feel about gun control, it’s starting to get to the point at which anyone might wish they’d start exercising a bit of it in the script writing at OTH. Last night was the night the Nanny Carrie plot finally boiled over. More on that in a minute. First, the rundown:

The focus of last night’s episode, for several of the characters, was what it means when you have to give up something that’s incredibly important to you — for which you’ve worked hard, or dreamed of all your life. Brooke gave up her multimillion-dollar company and is working through her feelings about it in therapy. Does she regret it? (I shook the Magic 8-Ball — “Signs point to yes” … but Brooke probably isn’t going to go as gently into that good night as her mum thinks she is.)

Peyton grilled Mick (still so weird to see John Doe on OTH) about her parents, fishing around for him to admit that he’s her father. They even have the same favorite album, for crying out loud. But when she cornered him and asked him to come to dinner to talk about it all, it drove him to start drinking … after a year of sobriety.

One Tree Hill 9.29.08

Nathan received a call from the NBA to discuss a position with a D-league team — a dream come true after working so hard for a comeback opportunity — only to be told that it’s a coaching job he’s being offered, and that his playing days are behind him.

Lucas and Peyton have scheduled their wedding date, and at the same time, Lucas has to go on a book tour for his latest novel. As such, he has to travel to New York to consult with his publisher … and Lindsey, whom he has to tell about his impending nuptials. (He does, she says she’s not surprised, but is obviously affected by it, and they part rather awkwardly and with an air of finality — but nothing is ever final in OTH, is it?)

In smaller news, with Brooke having to start over from the ground up, Millicent magically returns to help her out, leaving us to wonder what’s going on with Mouth McFadden out there in Omaha. (Is he gambling away his earnings at the casino?)

But the biggest event, as I said, was all of the fun with Nanny Carrie, who went absolutely crazy-eight bonkers. After digging a fresh grave for Dan Scott, she went inside to taunt him some more. He pleaded with her to spare him, but once Dan’s rage emerged, she jabbed him in the carotid with sodium pentathol or some sort of anaesthetic. Once Nanny Carrie faked a call to Haley that Dan was dying in a hospice, Haley told Deb — whose initial reaction was to celebrate with a secret bottle of Dom Perignon. Haley found her way to Nanny Carrie’s house (How does she afford all of that stuff anyway, if she’s so incredibly loony??), where Nanny bopped her on the head and tried to steal Jamie by smashing an axe through the window of the SUV in which he was hiding. When he ran out the other side and into the corn field, the chase was on. Haley regained consciousness, found Jamie and they both ran for it — and just as they came out of the corn field and rounded the SUV, Deb cold-cocked the evil Nanny in the face with the bottle of Dom. Nanny Carrie went down and was momentarily out of it, but got up and grabbed the axe, only to be shot by Dan from the porch.

At episode’s end, night had fallen, and Nanny Carrie got back up to taunt Dan Scott, who shot her all over again. Was it a dream? A vision? Probably. But it’s great to have the sinister Dan Scott up and about again, isn’t it?

It was a big night in OTH. The only real question I have: Why did Deb have to use that vintage bottle of Dom Perignon to smack the Nanny? Couldn’t she have used a shovel? A baseball bat? Even a bottle of scotch would have been wiser. Think, Deb, think …