"My Name Is Earl": The Magic Hour And Monkey Take A Bath

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The Magic Hour

Ten years ago, Earl stole a pony from the Make-A-Wish foundation. A dying child, Buddy, was supposed to ride that pony in the New Year’s Day parade. Earl decides to make it up to the dead boy’s mother (played by Mindy Sterling, in a brilliant casting move). But when Earl and Randy show up at Buddy’s mom’s house, they find that Buddy (Seth Green) is still alive — the doctors in Camden County are not the best. Buddy is a huge film buff and always dreamed of making a movie, so he decides to have Earl help him make a movie filled with political intrigue, spies, terrorists, action, romance, sci-fi … and robot squids. Earl assembles a cast and crew from Camden County’s finest citizens. But aside from Randy, the cast and crew are awful, and the production falls apart when everyone quits. Buddy decides that he has enough footage, and that a short, awesome movie is better than a long, mediocre one. Buddy will edit the movie and add the special effects. All Earl has to do is throw him an awesome premiere party. Earl puts together the premiere, complete with a red carpet and everything. But Earl starts getting worried when Buddy doesn’t show up. Buddy’s mom arrives and tells Earl that Buddy passed away. The finished movie, 2 the Max, turns out to be a hit with the folks in Camden — and it gave Buddy the chance to live out his wildest dreams on the screen. Buddy’s movie inspires everyone else to pursue their dreams and turn every hour into a “magic hour.”

What We Learned:

It’s time for fish stew!

In Hollywood, everyone says they quit. Nobody actually does it.

If you throw it, they will come.

Do not make the mistake of failing to nail Penny Marshal when you have the chance.

Sometimes I think clothing designers are gay men.

Wisdom From Randy: The long, boring Renee Zellweger movie that Randy and Earl walked out on was Cold Mountain. Ethan Suplee was also in that movie.

Crab Man Chronicles: Aside from Crab Man painting his version of American Gothic, we didn’t get much Darnell this episode.

Monkey Take A Bath

After seeing some items at his parents’ yard sale, Earl is reminded about No. 87 on his list: Chased away his parents’ friends. Years ago at a party, young Earl was amused that their neighbor Mr. Clark Clark was moved to tears over “We Are the World.” Thinking it would be fun to make their neighbor cry a lot, Earl and Randy tortured Mr. Clark until he decided he had to move away. Earl and Randy decide to make it up to Mr. Clark. But when they show up at Clark’s house (on Clark Street), they learn that Clark and Earl’s mom had an affair, and that’s the real reason he moved away. Earl confronts his mom and demands that she tell her husband about it. Earl’s dad is furious about it, and he decides to confront Clark. But when Earl’s dad punches out Clark, he incites Mrs. Clark’s wrath. After that fiasco, Earl’s dad says he’s going to go out and get laid — and he’s going to start by trying to pick up a bank teller that likes his shirt. Then he moves on to the pharmacist. Then he moves on to a waitress at the diner, who turns out to be daytime hooker Patty. Earl’s dad is so distraught over his wife’s affair that he starts crying, something that was forbidden to the Hickey men. But crying causes Earl and his dad to open up to each other, and after a night of crying and hugging it out, Earl’s dad feels better and forgives his wife.

What We Learned:

Spiders heat up faster than ants.

Randy forgot to wipe earlier.

The coupon in the Pennysaver says “Massage,” but …

Wisdom From Randy: Lawn darts are more fun, but baby teeth are more practical.

Crab Man Chronicles: Darnell calls Willy “the Karl Malone of mailmen.” Of course you remember that Karl Malone’s nickname was “The Mailman.”

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