"My Name Is Earl" Season 4 Preview: The Legend Of Dan Coscino

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In advance of the Season 4 premiere of My Name Is Earl on NBC Sept. 25, NBC held a conference call for reporters with star Jason Lee and series creator Greg Garcia. I joined in, looking for the answer to a few burning questions:

Who is Dan Coscino? How did he get involved in this show and are we are going to see a lot more of him this season?

Greg Garcia: “Dan Coscino is a production assistant on the show and he’s worked — I’ve worked with him since Yes, Dear and he is a force. He is a force and he’s an amazing singer, and a talent. And we love him here. He’s part of our family and we’ve put him in the show a couple times and we enjoy him always wearing his Dan Coscino T-shirt. I think I saw him actually in an episode we have a table read of next week — he makes an appearance. So yes, by all means, there’ll be more Dan Coscino.”

This is good news for us, as our Earl blog has become something of an unofficial Dan Coscino fan club. Our Earl blog will return next week, with a new section dedicated to Dan Coscino appearances. We’re also anticipating talking to Seth Green in the next week or so about his new Robot Chicken Star Wars spoof, and we’ll get in a few questions about his guest appearance on the Earl premiere episode.

A few other good quotes from the Earl conference call:

“Oh, you know, just a few movies that that I have done that I probably shouldn’t have done.” — Jason Lee, on wrongs from his past he’d like to right

“And we just cast Malachi from Children of the Corn to play a Unabomber-type fellow, a guy — Courtney Gains. So, you know, we’ve been really lucky with the people so far this season we’ve been able to work with.” — Greg Garcia, on this season’s guest stars

“After we kind of had [Earl] in prison and a coma, and a relationship, we were just kind of thirsty to just kind of go back to Season 1 formula of, you know, let’s just concentrate on some list items and just get back to the basics of what, you know, we loved doing in Season 1, and not have to be so crazy and worried about how do we keep getting them out of corners we’ve painted them into.” — Greg Garcia, on going back to the basics for Season 4

“Later in the season we’re going to find out some stuff. We’re going to find out why Darnell is in the Witness Protection Program.” — Greg Garcia, giving a little teaser for our Crab Man Chronicles

“I’d always just really liked the world of trailer parks. I had a friend that was — lived in a trailer park. I loved to just go over there. It was like Disneyland for me to go over there, and the characters.” — Greg Garcia, on one of the inspirations for the series


  1. I love My Name is Earl. We own all 4 seasons and wish they would do a show to at least tie up loose ends. Maybe bring the show back on another network.

  2. They are going to pick it up, for ONE season, and see the numbers, depending on the numbers will depend on if they continue to the next season. It was scheduled to pick up last season, but do to issues, they have put it back til this summer, but it might not start til the season after that.


  3. Just a shame that they cancelled it..
    One of best shows, idea’s and comedies ever.. As well I’m proud tht Earl actually inspired me, and I’m trying to finish the things i remembered in my list now..
    I wish they allow them to make final season, whilst most characters still around..
    As well, Jason Lee make me a fan of his with this show.. yet he did not get me back for the recent work.. I wish he could give himself a chance for more wider variety of personalities.. and I want to keep in his fans list.. yet “Earl is enough for me” ..

  4. I love my name is earle whoever cancelled isn’t playing with a full deck. there are hardly any funny comedy’s out there and they had to take awa My name is Earle.

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