It’s Makeover Meltdown Again on ANTM

The ANTM girls come back to the house & who do they see but Tyra Banks! All the girls get tiaras, party bags and pizza. Tyra tells the girls about how she made over her career when her butt and boobs came. Why is Tyra telling the girls about how she MADE OVER her career? Because it’s makeover day! Squeal!

In keeping with the cheesy character theme this cycle, Evil Miss Jay comes and brings Tyra a poison apple. Then Mr. Jay arrives to give Tyra a kiss from her true love to revive her. Apparently Mr. Jay will also do in a pinch. At least, Mr. Jay in the cartoon hair. But the poison apple is why the girls won’t know of their makeover before they actually get their makeovers. They won’t know what they’ll look like until things are done. Oh, but there is usually less of a meltdown that way!

Tyra the Good Witch arrives in the corner of our screen to reveal each girl’s makeover. Some are not so dramatic — Marjorie just gets a darker color. Elina’s worried she’s going to look stupid. Mr. Jay has to give her the big brother talk to let go.

Samantha gets her hair chopped off, which of course starts the waterworks. And, of course, she looks great with the new hair. Hannah gets a Suzanne Vega do, which works. Clark gets almost black hair, which looks better, but it’s not as ugly pretty as I thought they would go. Sheena doesn’t look like she’s changed at all. Apparently she got highlights. The invisible kind.

Elina is all worried because her hair is going to be a first in Top Model history. Miss Jay tells her to be skerrrred. She’s got this big red weave and she’s having a bit of a meltdown. Brittany comments that she’s a strong person so hair shouldn’t make that big of a difference. In the end it looks pretty cute, and a lot less emo-goth. I still don’t get how it’s a Top Model first, unless he was just messing with her.

Tyra has no idea what to do with McKey, so she picks short & black hair for her. Isis gets a longer weave. Brittany also just gets longer weave so that she looks less catalog-y.

OMG TyraMail! Sometimes models have to work the late shift. Yes, girls, that means it’s a night challenge. At the Wal-Mart. Makeup artist Sutan is there with Nigel Barker’s wife. So the challenge is to use Cover Girl makeup and do a 30-second spot for Cover Girl True Shade foundation. There’s no script, so girls have to come up with a spot & do it in one take. Analeigh is awful, as is Brittany, Marjorie, Elina and maybe McKey. The winner is Hannah. She is going to be on the Wal-Mart home page & get a $1,000 Wal-Mart gift card to buy out the whole store.

Brittany is getting a lot of face time. She misses her mom, which opens up Elina to say that she doesn’t love her mom. Brittany thinks Elina must be evil. We’ll see if this goes anywhere. Analeigh, who now looks like Tara Lipinski, has lost her confidence.

So for the challenge, the girls are in Malibu at a really fierce house on the water. They will be modeling swimsuits. The photographer is a Sports Illustrated photographer and the swimsuit designer is there as well. Mr. Jay is not on set, but talking to the girls backstage about their strengths and weaknesses.

Hannah has been possessed by a crazy-eyed girl. Brittany didn’t make an impression on the photographer. Elina has apparently learned to embrace her hair and get outside of her comfort zone.

Isis is nervous about this photoshoot, for obvious reasons. The photographer isn’t convinced she can be a model. Brittany and Isis are shown being nervous together, so perhaps that’s our bottom two?

At panel, Tyra is rocking the ’80s asymmetrical dress.

Sheena was trying to smile with her eyes, and it works for the judges. Paulina thinks Analeigh has tree-grabbing arms. Hannah gets good marks for her photo, but she holds poses for too long. There has been no mention of her supposed ‘racism’ so that’s good.

Tyra is all excited about Elina’s hair because it makes her racially ambiguous, making her more appealing. I’m not sure if I see that, but ok. Miss Jay has a thing for Joslyn’s pose. It’s hard to describe, so watch the YouTube clip.

Time to talk behind the girl’s backs. Nothing too interesting happens here this week.

Elina gets called first, much to her surprise. Then it’s Lauren Brie, Samantha, McKey, Sheena, Joslyn, Marjorie, Clark, Isis, and Hannah. That leaves Brittany and Analeigh to face the music. We are reminded that Brittany is pretty and Analeigh is supposed to be better because she was an ice skater. I don’t know why. Brittany is sent home to study European fashion magazines. Do you think she’ll do it? Yeah, I don’t think so either.

Next week: the girls are strutting the runway in a bowling alley, and they’re either doing a night elimination panel, or two girls are going home. We’ll have to find out which way they’ll go on America’s Next Top Model.