Big Brother 10: Finale Recap

Posted by johnnysweeptheleg

After two-plus months in the house, a long summer of Big Brother finally came to a close. They say the game is much tougher than it looks. Jerry walked into the house looking like Ryan Gosling and walked out looking like James Garner. The game puts a man through many changes.

The finale begins with a trip to the Jury House as everyone wonders who will be the next to join them. When Jerry walks through the door, the jury members don’t exactly welcome him. They ask Jerry what happened in the house. He says is all began in the summer of 1914 … it was a summer unlike any other, with the weather hot, and the women hotter … finally after an hour of exposition, Jerry gets to the real reason he was evicted and the houseguests wake up from their drool-filled nap.

The jury members are quite divided. Renny, who obviously is stewing from not getting any camera time since she was booted from the house, begins squabbling with Jerry and accuses him of being a chauvinist. She’s probably right. But Renny’s loud, so you tune out 80% of anything she says. Michelle then reveals to Jerry that Dan took her along on the trip. And Jerry actually praises Dan’s game play, despite all of the negative things he’s had to say about him.

When it’s time for the jury to grill the final two, we get a few bits of honesty. Memphis admits to Michelle that winning HOHs wasn’t part of his plan. However, Memphis claims to only have thrown two HOH competitions. Dan’s responses are just as polished and calculating as ever. You can tell that being a teacher has made Dan comfortable speaking in front of people. When Ollie asks Dan about going against his word and even promising on his girlfriend’s name, Dan reveals that he knew he only had five minutes left to hang on and that he had to say whatever he had to make Ollie voluntarily give up. Knowing Ollie’s emotional side, Dan figured Ollie would trust him if he swore on his girlfriend. In the words of Beavis … damn he’s smooth.

Finally, the jury members are brought before the live studio audience, and lock in their votes. This allows Julie to bring out the first four flunkies so they can reveal all sorts of mysteries to the jury. But every year, this just becomes more sad than anything, because the non-jury members come off as attention-starved and hungry to talk. The three fellas do all the talking, and poor Angie doesn’t get to utter a single word. The bright spot comes when all houseguests finally get to see that Dan was America’s Player for one week (despite Ollie … or, Ah-LEEEEEE as Michelle calls him, thinking he was AP all along). Jessie thanks America for thinking of him enough to vote for him on all tasks.

No Jessie. Thank YOU for this season. Thank you for being so … you.

Finally, it’s time to reveal the vote. Julie pulls the keys, and we notice a trend. Libra votes for Dan. April, surprisingly, votes for Dan. Michelle votes for Dan. Needing four votes to win, and knowing his girlfriend changed her vote from Memphis to Dan, it’s no surprise that Ollie’s key is for Dan, which is enough for Dan to win Big Brother 10. After dropping the confetti, Julie brings out a large bag of Morton’s Salt and begins to empty it over Memphis’ wounded body revealing that all three remaining keys had Dan’s name on it, also. Thankfully, she resisted putting the “L” to her forehead.

The only remaining surprise, then, was to find out who would win the jury prize. Jerry gets second place, as many of the CBS demo mistakenly thought they were voting to bring back Murder She Wrote. And while I thought Renny would win, instead Keesha wins the jury prize.

Will we have another winter edition of Big Brother? Or, will we have to wait until next summer? Regardless, hope to see you back here.

Photo: Courtesy of CBS