The Most Exhaustively Researched Definitive Sexiest Sportscaster Poll

Posted by Cubicle QB

Jenn StergerYet another Sexiest Sportcaster Poll is out, and this one from Co-Ed Magazine looks to be about the most extensively researched and provocatively presented ranking of its type that we’ve seen yet. They’re not just sticking to the obvious U.S. broadcast and cable networks — these guys have sought out sideline babes from the far end of the dial across the world. There are also some good picks from local affiliates and from the regional cable sports nets like the Mtn, Big Ten Network and NESN, that often get overlooked because they don’t have the full national reach. I realized I need to be watching much more NESN.

A few comments on the list: I guess the inclusion of Hannah Storm at #25 a little questionable — a question of taste, I suppose. Swimmer Amanda Beard joined FSN this past year, and she usually shows up on  sexy athlete lists, but didn’t make this list for some reason. And I will always carry the torch for Melissa Stark, even though she’s probably now only on the very fringe of what could be considered sportscasting. While on that subject, could someone explain how #3 Jenn Sterger (pictured) is a sportscaster? She’s considered a “game host” for the New York Jets, and to my knowledge, doesn’t do any actual broadcasting — she’s just there to give drunken Jets fans something to ogle besides Brett Favre. (Still hot, though.) And the only person on this list that I’ve actually met in person is #1.

So let’s have your opinions in the comments!


  1. I notice many of them have the “Playboy” and/or “Maxim” factor in common. Kudos to Brent Musberger for sticking to his principles and keeping it all on. You know he must have been asked.

    I can name-drop too, Cubicle. I also met Lisa at the same party you were at. And she even blew me off to go talk to a performing robot!

    And I’m telling your wife you read “Coed Magazine.”

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