Big Brother 10: 9/11 Recap

Posted by johnnysweeptheleg

When we last left the remaining houseguests, Keesha had just been evicted and Dan was pretending to be upset with Memphis for doing so. Dan, Memphis, and Jerry were all strapped to the top of a plane and were competing in an endurance competition for the first leg of the final three-part HOH. Dan continues with this faux-anger at the faux-hawked Memphis, and it borderlines as overacting, which scares Memphis.

Luckily, this is Jerry we’re talking about — and he isn’t the most observant fella. And obviously not the most balanced individual, either, as he’s the first to fall off his plane. Dan and Memphis are a little surprised he has fallen so soon. After hanging around for a while to make it look good, Memphis finally takes a dive and gives Dan round one.

In the second round, Memphis and Jerry square off in a Knockout Competition. In it, Memphis and Jerry compete in bare-knuckle boxing, in which the first rule of the competition is that you do not talk about the competition. The second rule of it? Ok, so the producers would never put Memphis and Jerry in a real fight. But instead, the idea is to knock over the standee of all HGs who were not HOH or nominees in each of the given weeks. Editing makes it look close. But we soon learn that while it took Memphis 8:35 to complete, it took Jerry 51:22.

After taking almost seven times as long to complete this, Jerry enters his bedroom and strips down to his underwear, muttering “Embarrassing” to himself. I’ve yet to determine if he’s muttering this in response to his showing in the competition or in the fact that he’s standing in his tighty-whities in front of a national audience.

By the time it gets to the third round, it doesn’t really matter who wins between Dan and Memphis. But, of course, Dan wins again. And when it comes time for Memphis and Jerry to plead their case, Memphis drops a Renegades reference of his own in his speech. It nearly makes Dan chuckle, and actually does make the audience chuckle, which Memphis and Dan can hear over Julie’s live microphone.

Dan votes out Jerry, and upon talking to the Chen Bot, reveals that he realizes it was probably part of the plan all along, for those two to take one another. So maybe Jerry isn’t quite as clueless as he comes off as.

So we know our final two. Dan versus Memphis. Dan has lots of enemies, but he’s been working well to turn a few of them. Will they ultimately respect his scheming? Or will they reward Memphis for flying under the radar?

Our work as viewers isn’t complete, though. We get America’s Vote one more time, as we can vote one of the jury members for a $20,000 prize. And to the first four evicted houseguests, we can vote for one of them to go to an Alpaca petting zoo, where they can meet Alpacacino, the Alpaca who looks like veteran actor, Al Pacino.

Or, at least, that’s a vote I’d partake in.

See you after Tuesday’s finale!