What’s Your Sign Project Runway?

Ok, Terri’s just getting mean. She’s talking about the ‘witch’ being dead, meaning Stella. Come on now, Terri. No need to be like that. We all know you want to win. Ragging on other people won’t get you there.

Special guests are then brought out & it’s all the designers that have been eliminated. Jerell thinks it’s good to see them, but it depends on why they’re there. They’re there to help the designers still in the competition to create an avant garde look. The look must be inspired by the astrological sign of one person on the team.

I want one of these teams to channel Jeanine Pettibone and make a big crab-face cancer. Or maybe a sweatshirt with Saturn and other random planets on it. Know the movie I’m referencing, kids? Come on, sure you do. It’s so black, the only question is “Can it be more black? And the answer is none. None more black.”

The teams are selected by Tim picking names out of a hat. Those teams are Korto and Kelli, Kenley and Wesley, Joe and Daniel, Leanne and Emily, Blayne and Stella, Terri and Keith, Jerell and Jennifer, and Suede and Jerry.

Terri’s keeping with her bitchy theme this week. She thinks Keith can help by picking up the pins that fall on the floor. Nice. Kenley’s decided that her design is the be-all-end-all of Aquarius design. She’s decided this very loudly, much to Leanne’s annoyance. Tim tries to talk some sense in to her, but she’s not hearing it. Wesley wants to help her, but he admits that he doesn’t want to add to the outfit because he thinks it’s going to be ripped apart.

Tim also expresses concern about Terri and Keith’s collaboration. They’re barely speaking to each other, and when they do, it’s in snipping at one another. This is going to end in disaster. Unless they can come back together like Nigel Tufnel and David St. Hubbins. I don’t think that’s in the cards, though.

Day 2 begins with an invitation to the American Museum of Natural History for a party that starts at 8pm. That means they just lost 4 hours of work on their pieces, since originally they were going to wrap at midnight.

The gaggle of designers head to the swank party at the Hayden Planetarium in the Rose Center. For those of you that don’t know, my boyfriend Neil DeGrasse Tyson is totally in charge of the Hayden Planetarium. I heart him. Seriously. If he’s involved in this episode, I will totally plotz.

Previous designers from Project Runway have gathered to pick the winner. Some favorites like Christian, Jay and Daniel V are among the guests. Terri is all put out that previous contestants are judging the pieces. She’s also put out that Christian doesn’t like her fur collar. She’s all ‘whatever’ at the party, and then the next day she decides to redo it for the runway. Blayne’s design reminds Heidi of granny panties. Heidi is now reminding me of Bobbi Flekman, the hostess with the mostest. My boyfriend was not present, which makes me sad. I need to watch NOVA Science Now.

Tim Gunn has to wake Keith up to come to the runway show. That’s bad. I know Terri totally dissed you & all, but you could at least pretend to care. A little, at least. You know, express that you might be conscious if you were to be employed by someone.

Let’s start the show.

Terri is proud that there was no team — it was just Terri. Um, Terri, generally when Project Runway sticks you in a team, they want to see how you work as a team.

Called up are Korto, Jerell, Leanne, and Joe. They are the possible winners of the challenge, leaving the loser low-scores out to get their butts chewed.

Blayne gets the ‘pooping fabric’ comment from Michael Kors. Terri and Keith start a spat on stage and MK calls her outfit a voodoo princess in hell. Kenley thinks her outfit embodies Aquarius. As an Aquarius, I would never, ever wear it. Michael Kors doesn’t think she’s original or avant garde.

This is the first runway show where Suede refers to Suede in the 3rd person. Suede is dinged because he didn’t go far enough. Kenley thinks this is all BS. Blayne’s outfit is called just plain bad.

The designers, sans helpers, are called back out to the runway to learn who will win, and which 2, 2 designers, will be out. The winner is, hooray, Jerell. Leanne, Korto & Joe are given the quick reprieve backstage.

Kenley gets to be bratty for another week. Blayne is the first one cut, holla atchyer boy, and no-working with other people Terri is the second. Suede is safe to be Suede another day.

So we’re down to 6 designers, which means we’re getting closer and closer to Bryant Park. From what I’ve seen on the ‘Net, the finale will be filmed in a couple of days. I’ve also heard that Jennifer Lopez will be the celebrity guest judge. Thankfully, we won’t have too long to see if these speculations are correct.

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  1. Okay, as annoying as Blayne and his “licious”-ness was, every over-confident annoying laugh that comes out of Kenley’s mouth is much, much worse. Heidi Klum especially seems to really be looking forward to kicking that girl off the show. Well, you and me both Heidi. I want a final of Korto, Jerell and Leanne. Leanne’s designs all look the same – they all have the same cut-out arc shape! But she’s better than Joe and Kenley.

    My prediction: Korto is going to come away with the win this season. Jerell rocks, but none of his designs have been as outstanding as hers. *I think it’s important to note at this point, however, that I would wear my pajamas every day if I could. What the heck do I know about fashion?? Please take my criticisms with a grain of salt or a yard of plaid; I’m no Rachel Zoe.

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