Big Brother 10: 9/9 Recap

Posted by johnnysweeptheleg

Not since Dr. Will have we seen such a calculated style of game play in the BB house, as we’ve seen out of Dan this season.

After this week’s nominations, Jerry and Keesha have fallen for the noms, just as Dan hoped. Jerry begins talking to Memphis about overthrowing Dan (as Dan thought he would) and Keesha thanks Dan for honoring their agreement (as Dan thought she would).

While everyone else is busy being not busy, Will Dan gets to go to a private island to meet, unbeknownst to the HGs, Michelle. Dan works the charm, and even drops a reference to this not being a trip to Hawaii (which she had taken away from her by Libra) but at least it’s better than nothing. Michelle asks if anyone else in the house knew that he was going to back door her, and Dan tells her Renny, Keesha, and Memphis all knew. This seems to have an effect on Michelle. And by the end of the daytrip, Michelle seems like she could potentially vote for Dan should he make it to the finals.

Back at the house, it’s finally time for the POV, which is important because the winner does the evicting this week. The competition is Stairway To Veto, in which houseguests correctly match clues to a houseguest, until they get enough correct to climb a stairway taller than actor Danny DeVito. See what I did there, with the Veto … DeVito … yeah, that’s the sort of classy reporting you’re going to get from a former karate star turned writer.

Dan has no interest in winning this competition, since whoever does the voting out this week will have blood on their hands. And Dan certainly doesn’t want that. Problem is, he begins performing too well at this competition, and has to begin throwing it without it looking obvious. He slows down and intentionally answers some questions wrong, just so Memphis can catch up. As he does. Memphis wins the POV. And soon, the blood is shed.

After the competition, Keesha begins talking with Dan and Memphis, and she can tell something is wrong. “I didn’t get this far by not being able to read people,” Keesha tells them. And when Dan and Memphis can’t respond to her, she becomes livid. Keesha warns Memphis that she can’t see herself voting for someone to win in the game, who voted her out … and that she will work to sway votes in the jury. Memphis still can’t respond, and Dan takes this opportunity to console Keesha and tell her it’s out of his hands, since Memphis has the vote.

Dan couldn’t have orchestrated this any better. They get to take a weak player with them to the final three, and Memphis has to do the dirty work, which will cause him to lose some votes should he be sitting next to Dan in the finals. All of this, coupled with his biggest foe in the jury house, supposedly warming to him after his day-trip.

Finally, it’s time for the live eviction, and there are no surprises when Keesha is voted out by Memphis. Keesha thanks Dan for being there for her. Is this real? Or is she saying this out loud, so that it may cause problems between Memphis and Dan? It appears genuine. On her way out, Dan gives Keesha a little gift and whispers in her ear that he went to the island with Michelle. Again, thinking ahead since he knows she’ll find out anyway, so it’s best if he tells her.

Will all of this be enough to get Dan to the finals?

The first part of a three-part final HOH begins at the end of the episode. We’ll find out Thursday who will have to settle for third. Jerry, the floater? Dan, the schemer? Or Memphis, who seemed to master the best amalgamation of Jerry and Dan?