Big Brother 10: 9/7 Recap

Posted by johnnysweeptheleg

With only four houseguests remaining in the BB house, the producers realize they need to do something to keep people watching. Having a sumo wrestler, a gorilla, and a female contortionist is a pretty good start.

After Dan snags an envelope out from under the sumo wrestler, the HGs learn they will all compete for a luxury competition. The next morning, the final four are woken by a gorilla. Something looks … familiar … about this simian. The gorilla tears off his mask in the DR to reveal that it’s our favorite banished houseguest — Jessie! After all, as he says, “Who else can fill out this suit?”

Oh Jessie. How we missed you so.

Gorilla Jessie wakes the houseguests and leads them outside to the luxury competition, where they find the entire backyard is filled with items that may or may not be clues to a saying. A female contortionist, a hatching egg, a wolf, and a bathtub full of dookie (or something!) are just some of the clues. The HGs are given 3 hours and 3 guesses to figure out what the saying is. With passing time, Gorilla Jessie covers and removes clues that don’t have anything to do with the comp.

The entire time, Gorilla Jessie mimics the HGs and for the first time in the game, has them laughing with him, rather than at him. The guesses seem completely random at best, which Memphis just making up a nonsensical slogan of his own. Only Dan is able to contribute a worthwhile guess. And his “Bury the hatchet” is the correct guess.

Dan wins a day on an island (he better hope it isn’t Survivor island!), and he can bring either a current HG or a jury member. He decides to bring Michelle (which I assume we’ll see on Tuesday) as a way to woo a vote from her, but leaves this detail out when he gets back to the house. Dan instead tells them he decided not to bring anyone. Jerry continues trying to figure out what the “game-changing” line was all about, in regards to the impact of him leaving the house. Jerry wonders whether that means Dan will be going to the jury house. Close guess. Close enough to make Dan sweat a little.

Come nomination time, though, HOH Dan gets the upper hand and does the obvious, nominating Jerry. But rather than nominating Keesha alongside, he nominates Memphis. By doing so, with Memphis’ blessing, Dan seems to have thrown Jerry and Keesha off the Renegades’ scent. More important than the nominations, however, is who wins the POV on Tuesday night’s episode.