Big Brother 10: 9/4 Recap

Posted by johnnysweeptheleg

The DVR Gods had other plans for me Tuesday night, so for once, the “Previously on Big Brother” intro was worth watching. Memphis has won the POV and taken Dan off the block, even though he told Jerry he was going to the final two with him and would leave noms as-is.

Jerry tells Keesha he thinks Memphis is going with Dan to the end, now. Gee, do ya think?! Nothing gets past you! This causes Keesha to then go to Renny and ask her if she thinks Memphis plans on taking Dan to the end. Let me again quote the poet johnnysweeptheleg, and say, “Gee, do ya think?! Nothing gets past you!” Keesha, if a person tells you they are taking you to the end, and they win the POV and not only don’t rescue you from the block, but go so far as to take the other person off … they aren’t in an alliance with you.

Oh, and the Easter Bunny is FAKE!

Sorry, hated to have to break all that to you, Keesha. But it is what it is.

Viewers finally get their first glimpse of the jury house. Time heals all no wounds, we soon learn, as April and Michelle show their inner beauty by commenting on Keesha’s weight in the house. Oh, and they still hate Dan, too. Which is fine, because rather than Dan, Ollie is the next one to join them in the jury house.

After stomaching all we can with the junior varsity squad, we go back to the varsity house, and watch Renny get voted out 2-0. Renny joins the Chen Bot to watch the goodbye messages, and gets more face time doing this than McCain got at the RNC. Yes, producers, we know you want us to love Renny as much as you love her!

Finally, it’s time for the HOH competition to find out who gets the opportunity to nominate Jerry for the next eviction. The competition is called Freeze Frame, and consists entirely of J. Geils Band questions. Or, at least, if I wrote these competitions, it would. Instead, Dan, Memphis, and Keesha must take a step forward or back, depending on whether they think a statement is true or false. Keesha never has a chance, by only answering one question correctly. Dan and Memphis duke it out, but Dan’s perfect score is enough to defeat Memphis by one, making Dan the new HOH.

While getting to eavesdrop on the houseguests at the end of the episode, we see they’re confronted with a sumo wrestler sitting in the middle of their living room. Through subtitles, we learn he has told them that he’s sitting on the info that they need. Oh, and that they should take the Jets this weekend in the under.