Project Runway Does Double O Fashion

I decided this afternoon that with the premiere of America’s Next Top Model, I too should make a fresh start and not go incognito anymore. So the mask is off WindUpDoll, much like the makeup off a drag queen. But that’s another episode of Project Runway.

I ended up watching Project Runway on Thursday as ANTM was a whopping two hours last night. Then I felt like I should be a responsible grown up and watch the Republican National Convention. I shan’t make that mistake again tonight. Screw responsibility! It’s time to watch the fierceness!

Can Project Runway drop the whole faux model drama aspect of the show when they move to Lifetime? Please? It’s just so boring. Thankfully Tim Gunn comes in & says the designers are creating something for a fashion legend. So, of course, we need to take the contestants on a walk. They theorize on the way, but of course they’re all wrong. It’s Patsy’s sister from Ab Fab! Not really, it’s Diane von Furstenberg, which moves Kenley to tears.

The designers will be doing a piece for her next collection and they get to pick fabrics from her sample fabrics, so no Mood today. Or House of Spandex. The piece will be produced and sold exclusively to American Express cardmembers. The theme of the collection is Marlene Dietrich. Rowr.

They’ve got 9 hours to put this piece together. That’s just so crazy to me. I mean, I can be creative, but I’m constantly amazed at what these people can create in a short amount of time.

Terri is loving the pants she just put together. Other designers are dissing her fabric and the fact that all of her stuff looks the same. I will say that I would also question her selection of a firework-print fabric. Is that 40s? Really? Sorry, Terri. I generally like your stuff, but I’m not getting this one.

We have the obligatory imitation of Diane Von Furstenberg between Korto and Jerell. Korto does a pretty good job. Sadly, Leanne admits that she’s never been out of the country. She then turns into a spy. I think she’s lost it. Suede knows that Suede cannot be a spy with blue hair. Suede is a quick boy.

Kenley is nervous/confident about her dress. She’s not making 3 pieces deliberately since everyone else is making 3 pieces.

Korto decides that a pop of yellow on the outside of the straps, near the ARMPIT, is fun. Yeah, um, Korto, it also looks like someone was sweating up a storm & pitted up a black & white dress. Tim likes Kenley’s dress, but wonders if going with one piece will work to her advantage or not. The editors show her crying jag again. Hopefully these shots are just chopped up bits of one interview & she didn’t go on multiple crying jags. Oh, and Stella thinks Rachel Zoe doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

It’s Runway day! Flurry, flurry, flurry, panic, panic, panic. Today Tim wants the contestants to use the accessory wall thoughtfully. He also thinks these designers have the ability to blow Diane Von Furstenberg off her stilettos. We’ll see if that’s a good or bad thing.

Nina Garcia is once again absent this week and Fern Mallis, the woman who puts together Fashion Week, is filling in.

The only reaction to the runway show I see from Diane is a squint at Jerell’s outfit. Blayne thinks he’s got an in with Diane since they share the same tan.

Terri, Jerell, Blayne get called out as the mediocre middle. No selling your outfit for you, kids. The other 6 remain to sweat out the wrath of Von Furstenberg.

The Good: Diane likes the yellow of Korto’s outfit. Kenley does get called on not making more than one piece, but really only by Heidi. However, Diane likes it, which makes Kenley crazy happy. Leanne also gets a lot of love from all of the judges.

The Ugly: Diane does not like the open back of Joe’s Shanghai shirt. Michael Kors thinks the back of Joe’s outfit would make a ‘What Was She Thinking’ list. Stella’s cape gets compared to Dracula or a magician. Ouch. And apparently she didn’t work on the crotch, which Michael Kors calls every woman’s nightmare. Michael Kors also thinks Suede’s outfit looks like someone got dressed in the dark. Suede disagrees.

So first to get the call of safety is Korto. The winner is Leanne, and Kenley gets a ‘good work.’ Suede is also in, much to Suede’s relief. That leaves us with Joe and Stella. And it’s time for Stella to go. She says her ego was too big to stay in the competition anyway. She ends up cheering other people up before she cleans up her area.

Next week, Nina’s back! Hooray!