One Tree Hill: The Slippery Slope NEVER ENDS … 1

Posted by: haro1d

Ooh! It’s Peyton! Woohoo!

Yes, it’s the OTH season premiere and Lucas and Peyton went to Vegas and spent the rest of the episode not getting married. Maybe they’ll propose to each other for the rest of the season. Brooke and her mom continue havin’ it out as only mom and Brooke can. Skills and Nathan’s mom are still makin’ the beast with two backs behind everyone’s backs. Mouth and Millicent are goin’ to Omaha. Dan Scott got hit and was nearly killed by … Nanny Carrie! (My wife, immediately afterward: “They’re gonna get together — evil Dan Scott and Nanny Carrie!” Hey, if Skills and Deb can find each other …) Lucas and Peyton got a room in Vegas with a mirror over the bed. (Those sickos!) Brooke’s day got even better with a shoplifting betty ripping off her store, but she got some support from Millicent, who called Brooke’s mother an “evil @#$%.” Nathan catches his mom topless in the pool, narrowly missing Skills, who’s hiding underwater. Lucas and Peyton’s would-be Elvis wedding was too trashy to contemplate, so they balked and, as previously said, they’re just proposing to each other nonstop. Dan Scott is being drugged and held hostage by Nanny Carrie in her house, which is cleverly made to look like a hospital room. After Millicent decides to stay with Brooke to help her in her fight with Victoria, Brooke fires her to send her to Omaha with Mouth. Then, just when things couldn’t get any more dramatic — and right after challenging her mother over the phone — Brooke gets knocked down and pummeled by a masked bandit of some sort.

Oh, and the big news — Chester talks! (Chester is little Jamie’s rabbit. He said he hadn’t been fed. You didn’t notice? Scan back with your DVR and check it out.)

Well, OTH continues its trend of wonderful improbabilities and ridiculous dramatic steps, but that’s, of course, what makes OTH OTH. I think most people knew that Peyton would be Lucas’ choice (Lindsey always seemed like a feint to begin with, and Brooke, well … Chad Michael Murray divorced her in real life — they really weren’t going to stick them together for the rest of this series.) The rest of it is just setting the stage for the rest of the season’s action, but the big disappointment is that it’s back at all. I honestly thought they were going to pull the plug last season, especially since so little happened over the course of it. So now we have to hang in for yet another season to see if Dan Scott will survive for redemption, and to see how many times Lucas cheats on his new wife — if he ever gets around to marrying her. What’s gonna happen? I’d say “Who cares?” except that I know if my wife is watching it, I and some of you are going to watch it, too, so we can all look forward to the end together. It can’t happen soon enough … can it?