Big Brother 10: 8/28 Show Recap

Posted by johnnysweeptheleg

A week’s worth of Big Brother in one night. Also known as the little less conversation, a little more action episode. Julie doesn’t want to hear you talk, houseguests. There will be no foreplay. Get right to the activities!

The episode begins with a few flashbacks to the post Veto ceremony, with Ollie throwing his tantrum. Ollie and Michelle believe Dan is a plant. Not to be confused with the Plant Man. Thinking he’s going to drop some huge revelation on the houseguests, Ollie walks outside and begins telling everyone about the three-part deal he made with Dan. As Dan explains in the DR, when you light the fuse, you don’t hang around for the dynamite to blow. So he leaves and lets Ollie explode. Ollie’s revelation backfires on him. All he does is tell the HGs what they already knew, which further makes them trust Dan, and Ollie even admits that Keesha was supposed to go up instead of Michelle, which leads Keesha to respond that now she’s even better with Dan’s decision. Swing and a miss.

The night’s first eviction is no surprise. Michelle gets the boot, 3 to 1, and upon talking with Julie, finds out that Dan isn’t really a plant. Which, by rights, should Julie have revealed? I thought being on the jury, she should go into the final jury vote knowing only what was revealed to her while in the house.

Not wasting any time, the next HOH competition gets under way, and it’s a Fake Headline competition. HGs will guess which current HG is the basis of phony headlines, as voted by viewers. Keesha and Jerry tie. Not once, but twice. So they go to a sudden death, winner takes it all, loser takes a fall tiebreaker. Julie has to ask Keesha for her final answer about 47 times. Well after the time is up, after the teacher has told her to put her pencil down and to pass her exam to the front of the class, and she’s still feverishly scribbling “C” all the way down the exam. Because you always pick “C” when in doubt. Keesha’s cheating pays off, and she wins HOH.

This nomination ceremony is a paint by numbers. Without any surprises, Keesha nominates Jerry and Ollie, due to them not being in her alliance. The only thing that can save Ollie is by winning the Veto in a Haystack competition. The first HG to find both of their vetoes in a haystack and return them to the starting point, wins. Dan competes like a madman in it, and seals Ollie’s fate.

Ollie does say to Dan in the Veto ceremony that if he really does like to play games, that he’d like to play Replacement Nominee Roulette again … but that isn’t happening. With a unanimous vote, Ollie is voted out, and leaves the house faster than your houseguests when there are dishes to be washed after a holiday dinner.

And viewers are left waiting until Sunday to find out who will be the new HOH.