“Highway 18” Quick Nine: The Spotlight

Highway 18

1. Odds are good someone’s going home. Three teams have a shot at getting sent home today: Raul and Jameica, Andy and Parker and the Ashleys. If I were a betting man, I’d put money on the Ashleys to get the boot. But I think I’ll be a little disappointed if no one goes home today. I think maybe I’ve watched too many mean-spirited reality shows, and much of my enjoyment comes from teams or individuals getting kicked off. But really, there’s no one team I dislike and want to see kicked off — I just want someone to get kicked off.

2. And boom goes the dynamite. Watching these teams struggle through the Golf Central segment reminded me a little too much of this guy:

3. I guess Lou Gehrig would’ve been in worse taste. Suddenly thinking he’s Stu Scott or something on camera, Jay refers to a shot as a “Thurman Munson.” He explains that Munson is a “dead Yankee.” … Crickets. … So he goes on to explain further, “Whenever I hit a shot really far left, I refer to it as a Thurman Munson. A dead yank.” …. Crickets again. But who cares if no one gets Jay’s bad and tasteless inside jokes? They win the challenge and leave the GOLF CHANNEL studio first.

4. You’re all equally bad. The Ashleys come in second in the Golf Central challenge, and then it’s decided that picking who was the best of the three remaining teams is just a waste of time. Rob and Charlotte, Raul and Jameica, and Andy and Parker all get to leave at the same time. Might make for some interesting road rage with all these teams packed together.

5. When in Orlando … Andy and Parker are smart enough to follow Rob and Charlotte to the Nick Faldo Institute, seeing that Rob and Charlotte are from Orlando and probably know where they’re going. Good move. Rob and Charlotte and Andy and Parker beat all the other teams to the Faldo Institute.

6. Jay gets all up in Peach’s peace. Peach struggles on the chipping challenge. He can’t hole out. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever chipped one in from that distance. I’d probably be there for several hours. It probably didn’t help Peach any that Jay was getting all in his head. “Short does not go in! Get it to the hole!” “Your chipping technique is so bad, it’s not funny.” The other teams take note of it and are a little shocked … and amused.

7. Peach is still a randy one. In last place on the way to Innisbrook Golf Club, Peach shakes off the tough challenge that got them in that position. They’re thinking of catching up and eliminating someone, maybe the Ashleys. But sending the Ashleys home does have a drawback. “They’re kind of nice to look at. Good eye candy,” Peach says. Amen, brother!

8. Agh! Please don’t make me run! Like the chubby kid in grade-school gym class, Raul and Jameica hate the running. Raul and Jameica had the day off last week, and they probably sat around on the beach. They should’ve been running wind sprints instead to build up some speed and endurance. They arrive at Innisbrook first, but the Ashleys run right past them. The fleet-footed Ashleys get to Keri first, and they get to pick their hole and the holes that everyone else plays.

9. This is why I don’t gamble. Not only did the Ashleys not get sent home, they’re the first team off the course. Shows you what I know. Peach and Jay never could regain the ground they lost at the Faldo Institute, and they came in last at the clubhouse challenge. And as hard as Jay was on Peach before, he’s even harder on himself. He drops a nice string of F-bombs. They get the strike. The ghost of Thurman Munson must be pleased. The only team without a strike is Rob and Charlotte, and they got super lucky they were saved by a non-elimination day.

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