Big Brother 10: 8/26 Recap

Postedy by johnnysweeptheleg

I can’t help but chuckle at Ollie as he struts around the house all week, thinking that he’s running the show. And why shouldn’t he? So far, through 2/3 of the agreement he made with Dan, Dan has lived up to his end of the bargain. There’s no reason for Ollie to think that Dan wouldn’t continue. But Ollie has vowed to unleash hell if he’s double crossed.

California law states that you must keep your hell on a leash, as well as picking up after it. I think Ollie’s about to be ticketed, because Dan has told Memphis and the DR that he will not let Ollie pick the replacement nominee, should Memphis win and remove himself. Aw yeah, it’s about to get dirty!

In the POV competition, everyone gets to participate, except Ollie. The comp is space-themed, with HGs dressed as astronauts flying across a zipline to retrieve puzzle pieces. Your mother’s an astronaut! The first one in each heat to complete their puzzle wins and competes in the finals. Dan, Keesha and Michelle compete in Heat 1. Dan’s plan is to let Keesha win, so he doesn’t have to do the dirty work. Michelle isn’t any future Mensa member, so it isn’t surprising that she struggles, giving Keesha the victory.

In Heat 2, Memphis’ competition is Jerry and Renny. The two people in the house who are roughly the same age as the actual man on the moon. Again, no surprises here as Memphis runs away with it. By now, Ollie is excited because he (thinks he) knows that he’ll be naming a replacement nominee since whoever wins the finals is sure to play the Veto. Memphis wins, which sets everything else into motion.

After the competition, Dan sits Memphis, Keesha and Renny down to fill them in on part three of the deal he made with Ollie. Dan tells them he knows Ollie will flip, but he isn’t going to stick to the plan. However, their alliance has to pretend they know nothing about this. After all, Ollie has already told Dan that he would like Keesha put up in place of Memphis.

Dan decides to amp up the level of game play, and have each person participate in a little ploy during POV. He figures this will cause fireworks and turn people on one another, while keeping him out of the spotlight. And suddenly, producers have penciled Dan in as a definite HG in the next All-Stars edition, after all of this scheming and gamesmanship. The game is Nominee Roulette. Each houseguest has to go around and tell the name of another houseguest that they’d like put up in Memphis’ place. Of course, he’s already spoken individually, so he knows who each will say. Michelle says Keesha. Ollie says Renny. Keesha returns Michelle the favor. As does Renny.

All of this leads to Dan telling the house that anytime you gamble, you risk losing. “And Ollie, you lost the bet. Michelle, you’re on the block.” Boom. Give us slow motion as the house reacts. Ollie pops, and throws lollipops, as well as knocking stuff over as we see Michelle nearly jumping out of the DR chair and wanting to strangle anyone she can get her hands around.

Thursday’s live eviction is gonna be juicy!