Big Brother 10: 8/24 Recap

Posted by johnnysweeptheleg

Dan’s decisions during last night’s episode will either get him eliminated on Thursday’s episode (remember, it’s a DOUBLE live eviction!) or will take him all the way to the finals.

After hanging for almost four hours, the HOH competition comes down to two people — Ollie and Dan. Ollie doesn’t want to drop, because he knows he’ll be the first to go on the block and go home. Dan doesn’t want to drop because he knows Ollie will be looking for vengeance, since Dan’s decision not to vote to keep April sealed her fate. So Dan does a Big Brother first … and after 10 seasons, in which everything from throwing every competition to shaving a very hairy Bunky’s back has happened, that’s saying a lot. If Ollie lets Dan win the HOH, Dan will let Ollie pick one of the two noms, one other person to keep safe, and if POV is played, Ollie picks the replacement nominee. And if I’m not mistaken, Ollie gets naming rights on Dan’s firstborn.

Wait, wuh? And by wuh, I of course mean WTF?!

Word begins to spread that some sort of deal was cut. It’s just that nobody knows what it is. Because Dan and Memphis are in a Renegade alliance, he tells Memphis a deal was cut. And Memphis is not happy about it.

Dan works to enlist Renny and Keesha as a sub-alliance, and wants to make sure they’re onboard to keep Memphis. But Renny is upfront in her feelings against Memphis. She doesn’t trust him, and thinks he’ll flip. Dan uses that to make Renny think that they’ll cut Memphis loose before he has the chance. It’s hard to tell if Dan is really going to do this, or if he’s just giving them a line, to secure the vote to keep Memphis this week. This blogger’s humble opinion is that Dan is still being loyal to Memphis, and will cut Renny loose first.

Unbeknownst to Dan, though, Memphis may end the alliance sooner if given the chance. He tells the DR that he will come after Dan if Dan puts him on the block.

And at the nomination ceremony, Dan admits to cutting a deal for HOH, but doesn’t say what it is. After the keys are pulled, Jerry and Memphis are revealed as the nominees. I absolutely loved Dan’s speech. While his deal could be deemed utterly crazy by most, I think his speech is the best, and only thing, he could do to attempt to salvage his alliance. He tells Memphis that some view him “as a vagabond. I may say you’re a renegade. We’ll find out.” Perfect speech. In doing so, Dan is able to use code to tell Memphis he’s still in his renegade alliance, despite this, and that it’s now on Memphis to prove that he’s still part of the alliance, despite the nomination.

Unfortunately for Dan, Memphis shuns his handshake attempt, so we’re left wondering if Memphis really is done with the alliance, or if he did this to keep up the appearances of a guy who is part of no alliance.

These actions will determine if Dan will be the next to go after his HOH reign, or if he goes all the way.

Bits of Randomosity:

* Ollie looks like a cross between the skinny Barry Bonds and Fire Marshall Bill, sometimes.

* Best moment of the episode came when Renny kept trying to get Dan to answer relationship questions, and he would annoy her by asking more questions of his own. I’m anti-Renny, and even I was rolling.

* Why didn’t Dan at least ask for safety the following week as part of the deal with Ollie? Ollie obviously would’ve agreed to that. Now, I’m not so sure Ollie would be as loyal to Dan next week, should he get HOH.

* If Dan and Memphis are the Renegades, Dan should call his alliance with Renny and Keesha The Rennygades. Get it, because her name is … ok, fine.