Big Brother 10: 8/21 Recap

Posted by johnnysweeptheleg

It’s the question everyone is asking in the Big Brother house. Who shot JR? Oh, and who offered Dan the money? Was it Jerry or April? Michelle thinks it’s Jerry.

April has somehow gotten herself to believe that Dan couldn’t possibly be talking about her since she technically didn’t give him a dollar amount. I believe that she actually believes this, since she also believes that she’s done nothing to anyone in the house and doesn’t deserve to be on the block. April also believes in unicorns, leprechauns and jackalopes. Ollie and April realize they need to swing two more votes their way to keep April. Dan’s the big swing vote, so they begin working on Michelle. But Michelle admits that she will have to vote the way of the house so as to not become a target. Therefore, Dan is the key.

The girl who never offered Dan a bribe, once again, doesn’t offer him a bribe for the second time. April offers Dan “like, money” and safety if he votes to keep her in the house. Seriously. You can trust someone who tells you, “I have, like, money I can give you.”

Really, the Eviction show is like the cream inside a Twinkie. It’s all just filler, to get to the eviction.

We learn that Jerry has been on slop for 26 of the 44 days in the house … which leads me to believe that Jerry’s mind may soon be turning into slop. Oh, and when asked for reasons to vote Jerry out, Memphis tells the Diary room that “He’s annoying. He’s old.” Memphis, you do realize your show is on CBS, right? And CBS is home to the demographic that would make the Golden Girls look like the Cheetah Girls. By giving “he’s old” as a response as to why it would be good to vote someone out, you’re ostracizing about 98% of your viewing audience. Just sayin’.

As has been the case the last few weeks, there are no surprises with the vote, and April is given the boot by a vote of 4 to 1. April will be the second person in the jury house, joining Libra. And we know how much those two enjoy one another. After talking to the Chen Bot, April is shown Ollie’s goodbye video, where he asks April to be his first girlfriend. She says yes. And later they will go to the sixth-grade dance together, where they will awkwardly hold each other as Debbie Gibson’s “Lost In Your Eyes” plays.

The HOH competition is another endurance competition, called “King of the Jungle.” The houseguests will try to outlast one another by hanging on a rope in a faux-jungle. Memphis’ faux-hawk should make him one of the favorites. Like the HGs on the ropes, we’re left hanging as well, and won’t find out the latest HOH until Sunday evening. But we are left with the HGs being swung against the wall on their ropes, as we hear Dan exclaim, “Ow, my nuts!” after hitting the wall.

Ollie probably had the same reaction after hearing the votes revealed.